Corridor-Style Double

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The above photos are an example of the double room style. Your exact room may vary.

That's classic!

When many people think of living on a college campus, the classic double room is what comes to mind.

The double room allows for roommates to share a living space, with each occupant having his or her own bed, desk, dresser and closet/wardrobe. 

Doubles in corridor-style residence halls are one of the most common room styles at UNC. Because of that, double rooms can come in many sizes and shapes, though the average double room is approximately 12' x 17'.

There are also suite-style doubles that are covered on the Suite-Style Double page. The distinction is that in a suite-style double, there are two to four rooms with a bathroom to share. Occupants of a double room would share a bathroom with other rooms in a corridor setting and those bathrooms are staff cleaned.

Double rooms are offered in nearly all of our residence halls except for Ram Village and are available to all students.

Corridor-Style Double