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Carolina Housing

Move-In Process

All About Your Move-In Process

Whether you are a new or returning Tar Heel, nothing is more exciting than Move-In day! Here, you will find a quick guide to the general move-in process. Once the academic year's new Housing Assignments are released to students, check back here for all the updates including how to make a Move-In Appointment, the most current Move-In Guide, and much more!

  • Once you receive your Housing Assignment, you will be forwarded instructions on how to make a Move-In Appointment.  Make an appointment!
  • When you arrive on campus at your designated move-in time, check-in at your Community Office  for your room key - Locations for each Residence Hall will be shared soon.
  • You’ll be given, and asked to sign for, the keys to your room.  You must show a Photo ID (i.e. One Card, Driver's License, etc.), so don’t forget to have it handy! You’ll also need to complete a hall registration card and provide emergency contact information. Students must be registered and have settled their University student accounts before they will be issued residence keys.
  • If you plan to ship personal belongings (or your family plans to send you packages), schedule these items to arrive on, or after, the day you are scheduled to move in. You should travel to campus with the essential items you will need during your first few days on campus.

Read through the Move-In Guide to know more about furnishings, mail rooms, laundry, and more. Make sure to pay close attention to the What to Bring & What NOT To Bring lists!

  • First-Year, Exchange & Transfer Move-In Dates: August 12 - August 15
  • Returning Move-In Dates: August 12 - August 17

Check-In and Room Key Pick-Up Locations

Check-In and Room Key Pick-up Locations


Residence Halls

Check-In & Key Pick Up Location

Cobb Community


Cobb Community Office 

Olde Campus Upper & Lower Quad Neighborhood

Residence Hall One, Graham, Stacy, Everette, & Lewis

Res Hall One Community Office 

Olde Campus Upper & Lower Quad Neighborhood

Manly, Mangum, Ruffin Jr., & Grimes

Mangum Office

Connor Community

Alexander, Connor, Joyner, Winston

Connor Community Office

Carmichael & Parker Neighborhood

Carmichael, Teague, Avery & Parker

Carmichael Community Office

Craige Community


Craige Community Office

Ehringhaus Community


Ehringhaus Community Office

Hinton James Community

Hinton James

Hinton James Community Office

Morrison Community


Morrison Community Office

Ram Village Apartments

Buildings 1, 2, & 3

Ram Village 1 Community Office

Ram Village Apartments

Taylor & Building 5

Taylor Hall Lobby

Kenan Neighborhood

Old East & Old West

Old East Lobby

Kenan Neighborhood

Alderman, Kenan, McIver & Spencer

Kenan Community Office

Manning Neighborhood


Koury Front Lobby

Manning Neighborhood


Hardin Community Office

Look for yard signs to help point you in the right direction!!

Summary of Residence Hall COVID-19 Policies

For the full list of expectations and policies in regards to COVID-19 for the Fall 2021 semester, please visit our Summary of Residence Hall COVID-19 Policies website page

Summary of Move-In 2021 Conditions 

  • Move-In Appointments: All residents are required to pre-schedule the date and time of their arrival.  In order to help ensure physical distancing and lessen parking congestion, residents must arrive during the one and a half hour appointment window that they selected. Details about this process will be sent to all residents via their UNC email.
  • Check-in Locations: Each building/collection of buildings has a pre-determined location for resident check-in (key pick-up, etc.)  This information will be provided when residents schedule their move-in appointment and will also be available on the Carolina Housing Move-In website. These locations will operate using current mask and physical distancing guidelines.
  • Move-In Helpers: To assist in the unloading process, residents are permitted to bring move-in helpers to assist.  To help maintain physical distancing during the move-in process, we encourage residents to bring as few move-in helpers as possible.  Additionally, we encourage the helpers leave the building as soon as the unloading and room setup are complete.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination: Getting your COVID-19 vaccine is the best way you can contribute to a typical, in-person experience at Carolina this fall and to prevent the spread of the virus. Prior to coming to campus, you should complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Certification in ConnectCarolina. Under the Student Honor Code, you are expected to provide truthful information on your vaccination status and date.
  • Carolina Together Testing Program: The University plans to use your vaccination status to determine participation in the Carolina Together Testing Program, including requirements for re-entry testing prior to move-in and for regular monitoring tests.
  • Pre-Arrival Health Check: Before coming to campus for move-in, all residents and their move-in helpers should check for symptoms using the COVID-19 screening checklist at Anyone who has COVID-19, who is exhibiting COVID-19 symptom(s), or who is unvaccinated and a close contact of a positive person should not come to campus and should consult their health care provider.
  • Masks/Face Coverings: Residents and move-in helpers will be required to wear a covering/mask any time they are in the common areas of the building (in restrooms, lobbies, elevators, stairwells, during the check-in process, and while they bring belongings into the resident’s room/suite/apartment). During Move-in, residents and move-in helpers are required to wear a covering/mask once they enter residence hall buildings and are inside the student’s residence hall room/suite/apartment.
  • Use of Common Areas: Restrooms and other common areas in the residence halls will be open for resident and move-in helpers as long as mask requirements, physical distancing, posted occupancy limits, and other rules are followed. Some of the current protocols are as follows:
    • Elevators will operate at normal capacity limits unless otherwise indicated by signage in the elevator. Residents and move-in helpers who are able to use the stairs are encouraged to do so (especially to access lower floors).
    • Water fountains, ice machines, vending machines, and water bottle refill stations will operate as normal. 

How do I signup for a Move-In timeslot?

  • Log into the MyHousing Portal
  • Click on the "Move-In" tab
  • Follow the instructions to select from the available timeslots

When are the Move-In Appointment slots opened for my assigned community? 

Due to the number of residents living on campus, signing up for a move-in timeslot will be staggered by building. We ask that you do not log in to the MyHousing Portal until your building's signup has opened.

Thursday, June 10

  • 9:00 am – Ram Village Apartments (1, 2, & 3)
  • 11:00 am – Ram Village Apartments (5 & Taylor)
  • 2:00 pm – Connor Community (Alexander, Connor, Joyner, & Winston)

Friday, June 11

  • 9:00 am - Hinton James Community
  • 1:00 pm – The Manning Community (Koury & Hardin)
  • 3:00 pm – Upper Quad Community (Grimes, Mangum, Manly, & Thomas Ruffin Jr)

Monday, June 14

  • 9:00 am – Craige Community
  • 12:30 pm – Ehringhaus Community
  • 4:00 pm – Lower Quad Community (Graham, Everett, Lewis, Residence Hall One, & Stacy)

Tuesday, June 15

  • 11:00 am - Cobb Community
  • 2:30 pm – Kenan Community (Alderman, Kenan, McIver, Old East, Old West, & Spencer)

Wednesday, June 16

  • 9:00 am – Morrison Community
  • 12:30 pm – Parker Community (Avery, Parker, & Teague)
  • 3:30 pm – Carmichael Community

How long is the appointment timeslot? 

Each timeslot is 90 minutes. 

Can I have more than 1 timeslot? 

No, each resident can only signup for one timeslot

Can my roommate and I move in during the same timeslot? 

Yes, roommates are permitted to move in at the same time.

Can I change my timeslot after I select it? 

Yes, you can cancel your timeslot and select a new one up until 24 hours before you scheduled timeslot. 

What should I do if I'm an international student and my flight arrives outside of the available timeslots? 

Carolina Housing will send a separate email to international students to coordinate their unique move-in needs. 

Can I request and early move-in? 

If you need to request a move-in before August 12, please submit the Early Arrival Request Form found under the “Online Forms/Resources” tab within the MyHousing Portal by July 16th.

What's In My Room? 

Depending on the Residence Hall some furniture may be moveable and some stationary. While we do our best to offer same amentities across campus, there may be slight variancies depending upon your assigned building. 

Standard: Loftable Twin XL bed, desk and chair, dresser, closet

For more information and details visit our Your Room website page. 

Sustainability is Key! 

When preparing for move-in, please reduce your usage of cardboard and packaging materials. For more information about move-in and sustainability, check out the Three Zeros web site here.

  • Pack belongings in reusable totes and suitcases
  • Utilize low-waste and environmentally friendly packaging options for shipping and online-ordering of items to campus
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