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Move-In Process

All About Your Move-In Process

Whether you are a new or returning Tar Heel, nothing is more exciting than Move-In day! Here, you will find a quick guide to the general move-in process. Once the academic year's new Housing Assignments are released to students, check back here for all the updates including how to make a Move-In Appointment, the most current Move-In Guide, and much more!

  • Once you receive your Housing Assignment, you will be forwarded instructions on how to make a Move-In Appointment.  Make an appointment!
  • When you arrive on campus at your designated move-in time, check-in at your Community Office  for your room key.
  • You’ll be given, and asked to sign for, the keys to your room.  You must show your One Card, so don’t forget to have it handy! You’ll also need to complete a hall registration card and provide emergency contact information. Students must be registered and have settled their University student accounts before they will be issued residence keys.
  • If you plan to ship personal belongings (or your family plans to send you packages), schedule these items to arrive on, or after, the day you are scheduled to move in. You should travel to campus with the essential items you will need during your first few days on campus.

Read through the Move-In Guide to know more about furnishings, mail rooms, laundry, and more. Make sure to pay close attention to the What to Bring & What NOT To Bring lists!

Sustainability is Key!

When preparing for move-in, please reduce your usage of cardboard and packaging materials. For more information about move-in and sustainability, check out the Three Zeros web site here.

  • Pack belongings in reusable totes and suitcases
  • Utilize low-waste and environmentally friendly packaging options for shipping and online-ordering of items to campus
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