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Carolina Housing

Priority Housing Selection application opens Wed. Oct. 12 - Wed. Nov. 9. Don’t miss your chance to get the space you want on campus next year.

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Move-In Process

Spring 2023 Move-In

  • Residence halls open at 9:00am, Saturday January 7th.
  • There are no move-in appointments required.
  • New Spring 2023 Residents: an email will be sent to you directly with additional information about check-in and picking up your key.

*Please note that there is a basketball game scheduled on Saturday, January 7th at 11:30am that may impact traffic on South Campus.

All About Your Fall Move-In Process 

Whether you are a new or returning Tar Heel, nothing is more exciting than Move-In day! Here, you will find a quick guide to the general move-in process. Once the academic year's new Housing Assignments are released to students, check back here for all the updates including how to make a Move-In Appointment, the most current Move-In Guide, and much more! 

  • Once you receive your Housing Assignment, you will be forwarded instructions on how to make a Move-In Appointment.  Make an appointment! 
  • When you arrive on campus at your designated move-in time, check-in at your Community Office for your room key - Locations for each Residence Hall will be shared soon. 
  • You’ll be given, and asked to sign for, the keys to your room.  You must show a Photo ID (i.e. One Card, Driver's License, etc.), so don’t forget to have it handy! You’ll also need to complete a hall registration card and provide emergency contact information. Students must be registered and have settled their University student accounts before they will be issued residence keys. 
  • If you plan to ship personal belongings (or your family plans to send you packages), schedule these items to arrive on, or after, the day you are scheduled to move in. You should travel to campus with the essential items you will need during your first few days on campus. 

Move-In Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When can I Move-In? 

The general move-in will be August 10-14. The Move-In process for all students will be by appointment ONLY. Move-In Appointments can be scheduled via the MyHousing Portal

Can I change my Move-In Appointment? 

Yes. Visit the MyHousing Portal, and select a new date to change your appointment. You can change your appointment up until 24 hours before your selected/scheduled move-in time. 

Where is my Check-In Location & Key Pick-Up?

Community  Residence Halls  Check-In & Key Pick Up
Carmichael Carmichael  Carmichael Service Desk
Cobb Cobb First Floor Cobb Lobby
Connor Alexander, Connor, Joyner and Winston Connor Service Desk
Craige Craige Craige Service Desk
Ehringhaus Ehringhaus Koury Service Desk
Hinton James Hinton James Hinton James Service Desk
Kenan Alderman, McIver, Kenan, Spencer, Old East, Old West Kenan Service Desk
Manning East Koury and Horton Koury Service Desk
Manning West Craige North and Hardin Morrison Service Desk
Morrison Morrison Morrison Service Desk
Olde Campus Lower Quad Everett, Graham, Lewis, McClinton, Stacy McClinton Service Desk
Olde Campus Upper Quad Grimes, Mangum, Manly, Ruffin Jr.  McClinton Service Desk
Parker Parker, Avery, Teague Carmichael Service Desk
Ram Village Ram Village 1, 2, 3 Ram 1 Service Desk
Ram Village Taylor and 5 Taylor Office

Can I change my Assignment or Roommate? 

Yes, Residents can submit a reassignment request. Visit our Reassignment Request Website for more details. 

What's in my room? 

Each room comes with the following: 

  • One Closet/Wardrobe
  • Window blinds
  • Twin bed and XL Mattress (loftable)
  • One dresser
  • Desk and Chair
  • Small recycling bin
  • Wired/Wireless Internet

Need dimensions or more details? Visit the Your Room page under Explore the Halls

What do I need to bring? 

A list of What to Bring and What Not to Bring can be found on the Move-In Guide and on the Your Room website page. Be sure to coordinate with your roommate(s)! 

Can I bring my bike? 

Sure; you should register it for free with UNC Police to deter theft and aid in identification if your bike is ever lost or stolen. We also recommend that you purchase a quality U-lock to secure your bicycle to exterior racks which are located outside every residence hall. UNC now offers Tar Heel Bikes, a convenient and cost-effective bike sharing program. For more info, visit the Transportation & Parking: Bike Share website

Where can I do my Laundry

Laundry facilities are located either in your residence hall or in a meighboring building in your residential community. Laundry will be FREE this year. In addition, all washers and dryers will be replaced in 2022. 

How do I pick a Meal Plan? 

Carolina Dining Services (CDS) is your on-campus dining souce! With 2 main dining halls and over 20 locations, we strive to keep our Tar Heels well fed, happy and feeling at home! Picky eater? Vegan? Pizza lover? Learn about Meal Swips, Plus Swipes, Flex, and how to eat like at Tar Heel! Visit the Carolina Dining Services website for more information!

Is there Housekeeping available to clean my room? 

You will be responsible for the cleanliness of your own room, disposing of trash and leaving all public areas in clean condition. The housekeeping staff will clean the public areas as well as the hall/suite bathrooms.

EXCEPTION: Residents of Craige North, Hardin, Koury, Horton, Morrison supersuites, and Ram Village must clean their own bathroom and provide toilet paper since housekeeping staff cannot access the suite bathroom in those buildings.

Should I get Insurance for my belongings? 

We strongly encourage you to invest in additional property insurance for your student’s belongings. UNC does not endorse any individual insurance program but does encourage parents and students to make sure they have the protection they desire for student property. You may have homeowner’s insurance; however, not all homeowner policies cover everything students bring to school. Most will provide some coverage but have limitations on certain property. You should check with your insurance agent to determine what is and what is not covered under your policy and what the deductibles are for property away from your principal residence.

What is UNC's Liability Policy? 

The University has no legal obligation to pay for loss or damage to items of personal property caused by residents or by occurrences such as flood, weather, or mechanical-related events which occur in University Housing or on its grounds prior to, during, or subsequent to the period of the housing contract.

How will I be billed for housing? 

The Office of Student Accounts and University Receivables bills for Housing, not Carolina hosuing directly. Please visit University Cashier website for more details!

What are the Carolina Housing's Community Living Standards? 

The Community Living Standards are the rules and policies that you will be held accountable for as a resident of campus housing. As a legally binding adjunct to your Housing Contract, these standards ensure UNC’s residential communities are conducive to academic success. Visit the Community Living Standards website to educate yourself on expectations.

What is my Mailing Address on campus? 

The complete mailing address is required on all letters, packages and overnight deliveries sent to on-campus residents. To find your mailing address, go to the MyHousing Portal and click on “My Assignment.” Always provide friends and family with your complete mailing address

Letters, packages, and overnight deliveries are automatically routed to the Package Center zoned for each building. Residents will receive an email from Housing Package Centers when mail is available for pick-up. The email will include the pick-up location, hours of operation and the package tracking number. 

Please do not send mail or packages to arrive on campus before the Package Centers open for move-in week.

What is ResNET? 

ResNET provides reliable on-site IT support, educational programs, cutting-edge technologies, and laser printing stations – all right in your residential community, all FREE! Don’t wait until you arrive to configure your devices (computer, game systems, phones, etc.) for our network. Visit for instructions and setup videos. 

Internet- One high-speed Ethernet port and high-speed Wi-Fi is available in all rooms. You must provide your own Ethernet cable.

ResNET Move-In Tips! 

Where can I get tech help?

Contact ResNET! We live in the halls and help with technology issues and questions that pop up. Visit > Fix My Tech to ask for ResNET. RCC contact information is also available on the ResNET website.

Do I need to bring a printer?

No! CCI printers are located in each community for students to use, and each student has fees allocated for printing on their account. More information about CCI printing visit the Help website.

Want to bring your own anyways? That’s totally okay, but make sure you can connect it with a USB connection. Wirless printers don’t work consistently on our network, so we recommend pugging them into your computer with a USB cord.

What are the internet options in my room?

  • Students should be able to get wireless in their rooms. However, just in case you can’t get a strong connection, we recommend that students bring an ethernet cord and adapter for their computer.
  • Each double room on campus has one active ethernet port, so it is also useful to buy a splitter or hub if you know you want more than one computer connected at a time (ex. connecting two computers, a PS5, etc.)
  • Apartment style housing (Baity and Ram Village) should have one port active per whole apartment
  • Unable to connect? Contact ResNET for assistance!

Will Smart Home devices work?

  • What should work: Amazon Alexa, Amazon Firestick, miracast on TVs, Apple TV, video game systems, Roku
  • What won’t work: smart switches, Google Home, Google Home mini, Chromecast, Sonos
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