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Are you getting excited for Fall 2024?

Read our Move-In Guide and check out our Summer Orientation Presentation for everything you need to know leading up to move-in!

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Window Air Conditioning Units

All residence halls on campus have either central HVAC or in-window A/C units. If your unit is not working, please submit Fix My Room Request to receive assistance from our maintenance team.

Spring and Summer

A/C Units should be set to 70°F on the temp scale, with Low fan speed and in Cool mode. Setting the unit below 70°F can cause the unit to leak water and damage the floor. Excess moisture promotes the growth of mildew and can damage building material.

Once the unit cools the room to the temperature as set, the compressor will turn off, but the fan will continue to run. When the room becomes warmer than the temperature set, the compressor will turn on and begin the cooling process. While this creates some noise, it is best to always keep A/C units on during the spring and summer. In addition, please leave your doors and windows closed when using your A/C unit.

It is also imperative that you leave the A/C unit running at 76°F if you go away for an extended period of time.

Fall and Winter

During cooler days and outside temperatures below 60°F, please turn your A/C unit to the Fan Only Mode, not cooling. Your A/C units do not operate well during colder temperatures and will likely freeze up and damage the unit.

General Usage

Do not introduce moisture into your apartment. Wet clothes, towels, etc. should be hung up immediately to allow circulating air to dry them. Keep windows and doors closed if the air-conditioning unit is running.

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