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Are you getting excited for Fall 2024?

Read our Move-In Guide and check out our Summer Orientation Presentation for everything you need to know leading up to move-in!

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Carolina Housing

Residential Learning Programs

Carolina’s Residential Learning Programs (RLPs) gives you a unique, inclusive learning experience that connects classroom learning with residential living. You will enjoy all the usual advantages of living on campus in a residence hall, with the added benefit of living among a group of students who share your similar academic goals and interests. Program experiences are provided through collaboration with student, faculty, and staff partnerships assigned to the RLP. Your RLP experience lays a foundation for you to become better prepared to succeed during and after college because it broadens your perspectives and understanding of the world around you.

The requirements for participating in each RLP can vary; please look at each individual RLP page for their requirements (see the right-hand menu). If you still have general questions after reviewing the website, please reach out via e-mail to Questions specific to an RLP can also be directed to the Community Director of the residence hall where the RLP is assigned.

*All operations and programming are subject to change pending The University’s final decision for the 2021-22 academic year.

Application and timeline

RLP applications are accepted on a rolling basis once you complete these steps:

STEP 1: Submit a Housing Application/Contract through

STEP 2: Submit a Residential Learning Program Application, which is also available at The RLP application consists of a few questions that help us understand why you are interested in the Residential Learning Program and how you will remain engaged.

STEP 3: Check your UNC e-mail for a confirmation of your RLP submission and a copy of the application (check your spam folder and settings if you don’t see the message in your inbox). You will receive a status update to your UNC e-mail account within 3 weeks of your application being received. If offered a spot in the RLP, you must accept the offer within one week.

Application Deadlines:

NEW STUDENTS – You can apply for an RLP as soon as your admission reply form and enrollment deposit has been received and processed. Returning students have until March 30th to apply. First-year students and transfer students can apply on a rolling basis until the RLP is full.

CURRENT STUDENTS – You can begin applying in October; the deadline to apply is the same as the housing lottery selection deadline. You are advised to still participate in the housing lottery selection for a back-up housing assignment while your RLP application is pending.

Room assignments and roommates in an RLP

Once you have been offered and accepted a spot in an RLP, housing staff will make your room assignment based on space availability in double-occupancy rooms. There are few, if any single rooms available in an RLP. Single rooms are assigned at the discretion of the housing staff. Your roommate will be selected from the other students accepted into the RLP; roommates from outside of the RLP are not allowed.

Cost and time commitment in an RLP

There is no additional cost to participate in an RLP. Most RLPs have a weekly group activity plus a meeting every 1-2 weeks. You can expect to spend 2-5 hours per week in RLP activities, depending on the week.
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