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Carolina Housing

Security Cameras & Recording Policy

During summer 2023, the University installed approximately 270 exterior door security cameras in the residence halls. These cameras are positioned to record images of people as they enter the buildings. These cameras will not be actively monitored and will not record individuals or activities elsewhere in the residence halls, most notably hallways, bathrooms or student rooms.

These cameras are governed by the University's security camera policy which states the following:

UNC-Chapel Hill may place security cameras on University property where necessary and appropriate to achieve the following goals:

  • Protect University faculty, staff, students, guests, and University property.
  • Detect, deter, and/or assist in the investigation of criminal activity on University owned, leased, licensed or operated property, facilities and grounds.

Security cameras are not monitored in real time except in rare situations. Primary use of cameras is to aid in emergency response and post-incident investigation. Cameras may be monitored in real-time when safety or security concerns, event monitoring, ongoing investigations, alarms, or other situations warrant such high-level monitoring.

University Facilities Services manages the maintenance of the camera system. Please report any damage/known issues via the FixMyRoom portal.

For questions regarding the campus security cameras, please email Carolina Housing.

Personal Video Recording Policy

At Carolina Housing, the privacy and security of our student residents are paramount. Therefore, we strictly prohibit the installation and use of video or audio recording devices in public, non-private, common areas within our residence halls, including but not limited to hallways, lobbies, lounges, study rooms, and other shared spaces. This prohibition encompasses devices such as video doorbells and similar products. Violation of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action and the prompt removal of any installed video recording devices. We encourage all community members to report any suspected non-compliance to the appropriate housing staff member. By adhering to this policy, we ensure a safe, supportive, and privacy-respecting living environment where residents can thrive and feel secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to the recorded images?
  • UNC Police employees for the investigation of crimes against persons or property.
  • Carolina Housing for the enumerated business purposes for which the cameras were installed.
  • University Facilities Services Life Safety Access Control Service employees for the purpose of system maintenance.
  • Campus safety personnel and their designees for the purpose of monitoring an on-going situation or emergency.
  • University personnel who "need-to-know" for purposes of compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations or an administrative investigation or proceeding, as authorized in writing by the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Integrity and Risk Management.
When might Carolina Housing use the recordings?

Only senior leadership in Carolina Housing is authorized to access the recordings and will generally rely on UNC Police to determine whether access is in accordance with the security camera policy. In rare circumstances, Carolina Housing may use the recordings for non-criminal activities that have significant consequences for our residential communities.

Decisions about what meets this threshold will be made in conjunction with Student Affairs leadership, UNC Police and the Office of University Counsel. Should you have questions about access, please email Carolina Housing.

How long the recordings will be kept?

30 days, unless they are part of an active investigation or subject to a record retention order by an appropriate authority.

Are there restrictions on installation and use of the cameras?

Cameras in the residence halls cannot be installed in or view areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, which include, but are not limited to:

· Restrooms

· Residential rooms, including views through residential room windows

· Private offices

· Hallways

Cameras in the residence halls are prohibited from viewing bathroom entrances or other prohibited areas through windows. Any view given will be no greater than what is available with unaided vision.

As noted above, the cameras will not be actively monitored, and camera operators will not monitor individuals based on characteristics of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or other classifications protected by University policies.

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