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Carolina Housing

Room Policies & Procedures

Below is a list of policies and procedures as they pertain to your room. If you have additional questions about a housing policy, contact us at 919-962-5401 or

Apartment/Room Condition Form & Damage Charges

Each resident of a room must submit an online Apartment/Room Condition Form (A/RCF) to document any problems with the condition of the room when it is initially occupied.

Upon check-in, you will receive a reminder email with instructions and a link to to complete the form. Upon successfully submitting the form, a confirmation copy will be emailed to you for your records.

Residents will be held responsible for any damage to their room that is found when they move out unless:

  • It was noted on the A/RCF
  • It is normal wear and tear; or
  • It is a maintenance problem that arose during the year that was properly reported.

Rooms will be inspected at the end of the spring semester or whenever the room is vacated.  Residents are encouraged to be present for this inspection and to schedule this inspection with their Resident Advisor (RA) before moving out. If, for any reason, the A/RCF was never submitted, Carolina Housing will assume that there were no problems with the room when the residents initially moved in.

Any damage charges will be billed to your student account.

Check-out Procedures

As residents vacate their room either at the end of the academic year or based on a contract cancellation, proper checkout procedures must be completed to avoid additional charges.

Residents who do not complete checkout procedures at their Community Office may continue to be held responsible for all room charges until their checkout date is officially recorded by residence hall staff.

Visitation Policy

Standard visitation for all residence halls has been reinstated. As such, the following guidelines apply:

All buildings have open room visitation with roommate consent. The following actions and behaviors are prohibited:

  1. Unescorted guests in the residential facilities. Guests must call their resident host from outside the building in order to gain entry.
  2. Failure to receive approval from roommate/suitemates to have guest(s). A resident’s rights to privacy, sleep, and study take precedence over the rights of a host to have a guest.
  3. Guest(s) staying more than three (3) nights in a given week, six (6) nights in a given month and more than two (2) weekends in a given month.
  4. Habitation of a room by anyone other than residents assigned to that room.
  5. Guests staying or sleeping in spaces other than their host's room.
  6. Non-compliance with the occupancy policy:
    • Gatherings with more than three (3) times the designated occupancy in a residence hall room.
    • Gatherings with more than four (4) times the designated occupancy in an apartment.

Room Decorating Regulations

Residents are not permitted to paint their rooms. Charges will be assessed to the student's account at the end of the year if damage to walls exceeds ordinary wear and tear.

To avoid damages to the paint in your room, we suggest using the following adhesives for posters and other decorations:

  • Temporary adhesive strips, hooks, mounts
  • Painter's Tape
  • "Sticky Tack" or "Blue Tack" removable adhesive

Some types of adhesives may leave residue on the walls that can be difficult to remove. Adhesives to avoid include:

  • Transparent tape
  • Mounting tape
  • Duct tape
  • Masking tape
  • Packing tape

Unclaimed Property Policy

Any personal property, such as bicycles, refrigerators, chairs, desks, clothes and televisions left or abandoned by a resident or his/her guest inside a residence hall (including common areas), unless claimed within 30 days, shall be deemed the property of the University. The University may use, dispose of or sell the personal property after no claim has been made for it within 30 days. The resident agrees to absolve and hold the University harmless for any damage or claim for the unclaimed property due to the damage, destruction, disposal or sale of such personal property.

Parking Policy

First-year students are prohibited from parking motor vehicles on campus unless exceptional circumstances warrant it. Parking for students and employees of the University requires a permit from the Department of Public Safety. Permits must be prominently displayed in your car, and cost varies depending on location.

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