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Carolina Housing

Housing Reassignment Request

Housing Reassignment Requests are accepted throughout the year during specific times prior to students moving onto campus and after students have checked into their space. Housing reassignments are honored based on availability. Please see the FAQ below for more details.

Types of Room Changes


There are two types of room changes within Carolina Housing and each serves a different purpose.

  • Room Swap – A room swap is where a resident wants to swap their room with another student on campus. This is most commonly used when someone identifies a roommate they want to live with and they would like their current roommate to swap rooms with their preferred roommate so that they can live with the preferred roommate.
    • Example: Resident X currently lives with Resident Y, but would prefer to live with Resident Z. Resident X can ask Resident Y if they would be willing to swap rooms with Resident Z so that Resident X and Z can live together. Similarly, Resident Z can ask their current roommate (Resident W) if they would be willing to swap rooms with Resident X so that Resident Z and X can live together.

*Carolina Housing reserves the right to deny a room swap request. Reasons a room swap may be denied may include but are not limited to: requests between spaces that are not comparable to one another, a student is swapping rooms with the intention to cancel the contract, or students are attempting to pass their space along to someone else.

  • Room Reassignment Request – A room reassignment request is the process for a resident to request a room change to another room. In the request, the resident will check off the buildings and room types of the rooms they would like to be reassigned to and Carolina Housing will work to reassign them as vacant spaces become available. When submitting a reassignment request, residents will have the option to submit a request as an individual, as part of a roommate group, or both an individual and group reassignment request.
    • Individual Request – When a resident requests a room change to move to another room without any preferred roommates/suitemates.
    • Group Request – When a resident requests a room change with their preferred roommates/suitemates. For each person you wish to move, you will need to include them in the group request. Additionally, we ask that groups only submit 1 group request.

*Please note that the larger the group, the harder it is for our office to process your room reassignment request because we rarely see multiple rooms open up that are located near one another or within the same suite.



Classification: First-Year vs. Returning Undergrad

When choosing your classification, please choose the option that applies to what you will be during the term for which you have requested a reassignment. Please note that this is different than your academic classification.

  • First-year: In first or second semester here and UNC is first college attended
  • Returning Undergrad: Completed two semesters at UNC or transferred in after attending another college or exchange students

How Can I Submit a Room Swap? 

When submitting a room swap request, we just need one of the residents swapping rooms to send us an email from the UNC email address to using the following template below. Please be sure to copy the resident you are swapping rooms with to serve as confirmation they agree to swap rooms. Residents can begin sending these requests now and we will process them within 2 business days.


I, John Doe of Hinton James 1002B1, agree to swap rooms with Ram Ramses of Craige 605A for the (insert year) upcoming Academic Year.


John Doe

How Can I Submit a Room Reassignment Request? 

Room reassignment requests can be submitted online - click the button below.

Please keep the following items in mind when submitting a reassignment request:

  • Submit your request be sure to indicate your class: First-Year or Returner (see Classification details listed in the FAQ above)
  • If submitting a group request, include all members of your group in the request.
  • If submitting a group request, only one member of the group needs to submit a group request.
  • If you no longer wish to be reassigned after submitting a reassignment request, please cancel your active reassignment request to ensure you are not reassigned to another room.

You can list multiple residence halls and room types on your request, but you cannot rank your preferences. Only list residence halls and room types that you would be happy to be reassigned to on your request.

Visit the Room Reassignment Portal to make your request:

How is priority determined for room reassignment requests?

We will process reassignment requests in the order in which they are received, so priority is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Once your request is submitted, you can still make changes to your preferences and it will not impact your priority.

When can I expect to hear if my room reassignment request has been processed?

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor your reassignment request and, therefore, your request will remain active until we able to get you reassigned or you choose to cancel your reassignment request. We encourage residents to give us as many options as possible on their reassignment requests to improve their chances of getting reassigned.

Will I have the option to accept or decline my reassignment?

All reassignments processed before the halls open up are automatic and residents will not have the option to accept or decline the room reassignment. For reassignments made after move-in, we will offer the reassignment and the resident will have 24 hours to accept or decline the reassignment offer.

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