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Carolina Housing

Facility Updates

Carolina Housing continues to strive for an amazing student experience while living on campus. Some of our buildings are over 200 years old, so updates are always on our to-do list. We prioritize our projects based on yearly student feedback to ensure we are providing them the experience they want during their time on campus!

Completed Projects

2020 Summer Projects

  • Joyner Renovation: New HVAC system, renovated spa style bathrooms, new and renovated lounges.
  • Fire Alarm System Replacement: Second part of three replacing of the outdated fire alarm systems. Horton, Koury, Residence Hall One/ Graham
  • Morrison Lounge Furniture: As a part of the 4-year project. The furniture in the upper floor lounges in Morrison was replaced.

2019 Summer Projects

  • Stacy Renovation:  Upgraded HVAC system and installed new windows.
  • Bed Ends:  Second summer of replacing all bed ends.
  • Fire Alarm System Replacement:  First part of three replacing of the outdated fire alarm systems.  Craige North, Hardin, Connor, Winston, Alexander
  • Lounge Furniture Replacement:  Another phase of the larger 4-year project.  Manning East and Manning West
  • Craige North Seminar Wing Renovation:  Converted the seminar wing into lounge, gaming, and kitchen spaces.
  • Esports Arena:  Renovated a little used lounge in Craige into the first Housing gaming space. Carolina Gaming Arena
  • Avery and Craige Basketball Courts:  Courts were resurfaced and restriped.
  • Baity Hill Apartment Upgrades:  Upgrades include new kitchen countertops, light fixtures, bedroom doors, bathroom mirrors, and window blinds. 
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