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Laundry & Auxiliary Services

Student Laundromats

Washlava-operated laundries are located in every residential community. In communities with multiple buildings such as Lower Quad and Upper Quad, the laundry room may be in a neighboring building. For more information and laundry resources, please visit the Auxiliary Services website!

Important Update!

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining and improving our facilities, we are making some adjustments to ensure a smoother laundry experience for everyone.  Don’t worry… they are still free for you to use! However, some of the planned modifications have been unavoidably delayed.

Our laundry vendor, Washlava, is currently working on a new version of their app but it is not yet available for download.

We hope to have the app up and running shortly to provide online visibility of available machines and to provide ability to directly input maintenance issues. We will keep you updated on further developments as information is available. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we continue to enhance our community's amenities.

Use of the Current App

The current 4thID app no longer works and use should be discontinued. Fortunately, the app is not needed to start the washers or dryers.


· Place clothes in washer.

· If using a POD place the POD in the machine with the clothes.

· If using liquid detergent place liquid in top left container.

· Push the button for the desired temperature.

· Press the start button to start the cycle.


· Place clothes in dryer.

· Select desired temperature.

· Press Start button to start the cycle.

· If the unit only shows 5 minutes of drying time press the temperature button again to add time.

Laundry Tips

Did you know 90% of the energy used to wash clothes comes from heating the water? Go green- wash cold! Using cold water saves energy, is just as effective for normally soiled clothing, and is more gentle on most fabrics.

Less is more! Did you know using too much soap/detergent actually leads to more dirty laundry? If the soap can't be fully rinsed out, the bacteria can't be fully rinsed out either. The extra suds also clog and damage our machines. Follow the measurement instructions on your detergent for High Efficiency (HE) machines. Many detergents nowadays are HE and require less product than you may think!

Be mindful! To help keep our laundry facilities accessible to all residents, please utilize the top level of dryers before the bottom level if you are able to use them. As a reminder, some bottom-level units will have an accessibility sticker on them.

Reporting Maintenance Issues

Please report any outages, damages or other known issues via the FixMyRoom portal. Please include the unit number of the machine when filling out the report.

Laundry Room Locations

  • Carmichael Community: 1st Floor
  • Cobb Community: Cobb Basement
  • Connor Community: Connor-Winston Pavilion 1st Floor, Joyner Basement
  • Craige Community: Craige Basement
  • Ehringhaus Community: Ehringhaus Basement
  • Hinton James: Hinton James 1st Floor
  • Kenan Community: Kenan Basement, Spencer Basement, Alderman Basement, McIver Basement
  • Lower Quad Community: Stacy Basement
  • Manning East Community: Koury Basement, Horton Basement
  • Manning West Community: Hardin 1st Floor, Craige North Basement
  • Morrison Community: Morrison 1st Floor
  • Parker Community: Avery Basement, Parker Basement
  • Upper Quad Community: Manly Basement, Old West 1st Floor.
  • Ram Village Apartments: Ram Village 1 (Basement) & Ram Village 5 (1st Floor)
  • Baity Hill Apartments: 2nd Floor All Buildings
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