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Class of 2028!

Are you getting excited for Fall 2024?

Read our Move-In Guide and check out our Summer Orientation Presentation for everything you need to know leading up to move-in!

Move-In Guide

Orientation Resources & Presentation

Carolina Housing

ADA & Accessibility

Carolina Housing seeks to make the on-campus experience accessible and equitable for every resident!

If you need housing accommodations, Accessibility Resources & Service will assist you! ARS works with all students including undergraduate and graduate students, full-time and part-time students, students following continuing education courses or who may be auditing, and program applicants. To request accommodations pleaseĀ Connect with ARS.

Need an Automatic Door Opener?

Many of our residential doors are equipped with automatic door openers. You may see these for our exterior building doors and for some interior flex pass-activated doors. The flex pass readers that activate the automatic door openers are especially designed to operate for students with mobility access needs.  

If you do not currently have access to this feature and you require access due to your own accessibility needs, please connect directly with our Assignments Office by emailing to submit a request.  Even if you only need access to the door openers on a temporary basis, please email us with your request.

If you do not need the automatic door opener for accessibility reasons, we thank you for preserving this important resource for other community members.

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