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The above photos are an example of the single room style. Your exact room may vary.

A singular living experience!

Our single rooms are just that -- one of everything: bed, dresser and desk. They offer the most privacy of any room style in our residence halls.

Singles are one of our most requested room types. However, there are very few single rooms on campus in general. Even though we continue to try and increase the number of single rooms available to meet demand, there are only so many to go around. Our single rooms are located throughout campus. Here are the residence halls that offer single rooms:

  • Alderman
  • Alexander
  • Aycock
  • Carmichael (Carmichael has the most single rooms of any residence hall)
  • Cobb
  • Connor
  • Craige
  • Ehringhaus
  • Graham
  • Grimes
  • Kenan
  • Manly
  • McIver
  • Morrison
  • Old East
  • Old West
  • Ruffin
  • Spencer
  • Winston

Keep in mind that though you have a single room, you must share a bathroom with other residents.

If you are unable to get a single room, another way you can get your own room is to live in Ram Village Apartments. You would have a bedroom to yourself and share the apartment with 1-3 other students. Check out our page on single occupancy apartments.