Suite-Style Double

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The above photos are two examples of the suite-style double room style. Your exact room may vary.

Doubles! Sweet!

Our suite-style double rooms have a few distinct features from our corridor-style doubles

The biggest difference between the two is that those living in a suite-style double share a bathroom with only those living in the suite, as opposed to those living in doubles in corridor-style who must share a bathroom with more people. Depending on the configuration, some bathrooms are staff-cleaned, while others are maintained by the students.

In a suite-style double, the bathroom consists of one toilet, one shower and two sinks. The actual furniture in a suite-style double is the same as the furniture in a corridor-style double: two beds, two desks and chairs and two closets/wardrobes. 

Suite-style doubles are concentrated in Mid-Campus and South Campus.

There are three distinct suite-style double configurations:

-- Three doubles, one single: This configuration is for seven students and is available in Carmichael Residence Hall. There are four bedrooms total in this suite, with three of them double rooms and a fourth single room. All seven students share a bathroom. These are staff cleaned. (This configuration is not shown in the photo set above.)

-- Manning East/West: This configuration is for four students and is available in Hardin, Craige North, Koury and Horton Residence Halls. Students enter their room from a hallway. The two students living in a double room share a bathroom with two students in an adjoining room. There are NOT staff cleaned and must be maintained by the students. (An example of this configuration is shown in Example 2 in the photo set above.)

-- Two to four doubles: This configuration is for four to eight students. There are two to four double occupancy rooms with a center hallway. The bathroom is typically at the end of the hallway and is shared by all members of the suite. These are staff cleaned. (An example of this configuration is shown in Example 1 in the photo set above.)

Suite-Style Double