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Class of 2028!

Are you ready to apply to live on-campus?

The Priority Deadline for Incoming First-Year students to apply for housing has been extended to May 29!

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Carolina Housing

Summer Session Housing

Below is a comprehensive list of details for summer housing - from eligibility to move-in dates to cancellation policies.

Summer Housing Q&A

Who is Eligible for Summer Housing? 

Summer campus housing is available to all undergraduate and graduate students who are registered for at least 3.0 credit hours each session. Your housing application will be compared against Summer School course registration records to verify enrollment.

You do not have to apply for campus housing for the entire summer. You can live on campus for only the sessions in which you will be enrolled in classes.

*If you currently live in Ram Village and will be living there in the Fall as well, you have the option to remain in your room over the summer even if you aren't enrolled in classes

What if I currently live on-campus and I’m not taking classes this summer, can I still live on-campus?

No, summer housing is reserved for students taking classes over the summer.

What is the Location of On-Campus Summer Housing? 

The residence halls open for Summer School sessions are selected based on projected enrollment and anticipated renovation projects scheduled for the summer. Locations for Summer School housing in 2024 in the following communities:

Residence Halls

  • Cobb
  • Alderman
  • McIver
  • Kenan

Ram Village (for current residents)

  • Ram Village 1
  • Ram Village 2
  • Ram Village 3
  • Taylor Hall
  • Ram Village 5

How Much Does Summer Housing Cost? 

Our rates may change from year to year. Click on the "Summer (Year)" tab on our Rates page to get the updated summer rates.

If you are receiving financial aid for the summer, please contact the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid to be sure the financial aid deferment is posted to your account for the appropriate summer school session.

When Can I Apply for Summer Housing? 

The application at opens on February 16, 2024 at 9 am. Summer housing applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

In recent years, demand for Summer School housing has been high, and we recommend that you apply early.

How Are Summer Housing Assignments Made? 

Summer school housing applications will be processed in the order that they are received until all available bed spaces are filled. Summer housing is not guaranteed for students enrolled in summer school so it is important that you submit your summer school housing application as soon as possible.

Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. One building is filled before assignments are made for the next building. If you do not have a roommate preference you will be assigned to a double room with another student.

Can I Just Live in My Current Room During the Summer?

If you live in a residence hall ...

You may be able to remain in the same room during Summer School if both of the following conditions are met:

  • The building in which you currently live is designated for Summer School, and
  • The room is not needed to meet another student's special needs.

We will work to accommodate your request; however, returning to your same room is not guaranteed. 

If you live in Ram Village ...

If you currently live in Ram Village, you have the following options:

  • Extend your stay through the end of Summer Session I.
  • Extend your stay through the end of Summer Session II.

If you also have a Fall assignment in Ram, you can extend your stay between the end of Summer II and the beginning of Fall semester.

You will have this option on your online Summer Application found at

If you will live in Ram Village in the Fall ...

If you have an assignment for Ram Village for next Fall, housing will work to assign you to your future assignment if the space is available. If the space is available, you will automatically be assigned to the space and can begin your stay in your apartment community during the summer and stay through until the Fall semester. Your options include:

  • Begin your stay at the beginning of Summer I.
  • Begin your stay at the beginning of Summer II.

NOTE: For both of these options, you also must choose the Summer-to-Fall Extension term, which allows you to continue living in the apartment between the time that Summer II ends and Fall begins.

You will have this option on your online Summer Application found at

When Will I Get My Summer Housing Assignment? 

We will release summer assignments by April 12th at 5pm for applications submitted by April 1st

What Are the Move-in/Move-out Dates for Summer Housing? 

Your move-in date depends on which session of summer school you are attending. Note that all residence halls will open on the following dates:

  • Maymester: Tuesday, May 14th
  • Summer Session 1: Tuesday, May 14th
  • Summer Session 2: Sunday, June 23th
  • Summer Extension (Ram Village only): Thursday, August 1st 

Your move-out date depends on which session of summer school you are attending. Note that all residence halls close on the following dates:

  • Maymester: Saturday, June 1st 
  • Summer Session I: Sunday, June 23rd
  • Summer Session II: Wednesday, July 31st

Unless you are assigned to the same room for both Summer Sessions, you will need to complete checkout procedures and remove all personal belongings prior to closing of each Summer Session.

How Do I Cancel Summer Housing? 

To cancel your Housing Contract, you must do so in writing, directly with the Housing Office. Notifying other University departments of changes to your plans will not cancel your Housing Contract. You may cancel your Housing Contract by submitting the Housing Cancellation Request form found online in the MyHousing Portal (recommended) or via email at

If you defer payments through Financial Aid, you are responsible for any cancellation penalties assessed. Typically, Financial Aid does not cover cancellation penalties; therefore, students are individually responsible for assessments made to the student account.

  • Prior to Occupancy
    ​If you cancel your Housing Contract prior to the official opening date of the residence halls (or whenever you accept the key, whichever is earlier), you will be responsible for a $50 cancellation charge.
  • After Occupancy
    If you cancel your Housing Contract after the official opening date of the residence hall or taking possession of a room key, whichever occurs first, you will be responsible for prorated rent.
  • Prorated Rent
    Prorated rent is determined by multiplying the room rate by 25%. This weekly rate is then multiplied by the number of weeks from the official Contract start date through the date when proper checkout procedures have been completed. Prorated rent is charged by the week, and each new week begins on Sunday. Rent is only prorated for the first 3 weeks of each summer term. After the 3rd week of the summer term, residents are responsible for the full amount of the housing costs, regardless of the number of weeks the resident actually occupied the room.

What is the Summer Housing Contract? 

The Summer Housing Contract is the basic document that states the student's and the University's contractual obligations. All information contained in the Carolina Housing web pages, including the Community Living Standards section, is a legally binding adjunct which is incorporated into the Summer Housing Contract.

It is the student's responsibility to become familiar with all provisions of the Summer Housing Contract, and provisions may be added or changed during the term of the Summer Housing Contract with appropriate prior notification to residents.

No term or condition of the Summer Housing Contract may be waived without the formal written agreement of both parties, and no oral statement made by Carolina Housing or its agents or employees is considered a waiver of any term or condition.

Visit the Housing Contract page to download/view the Summer Housing Contract Addendum.

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