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Class of 2028!

Are you ready to apply to live on-campus?

The Priority Deadline for Incoming First-Year students to apply for housing has been extended to May 29!

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Carolina Housing

Housing Selection for Current Residents

The Housing Selection Process is for any student who is already taking classes at UNC and is interested in living on campus next year. If you are an incoming first-year or transfer student (i.e., have not yet arrived on campus) you will participate in a different process, outlined under the section Future Residents.

What is Housing Selection?

Housing Selection is how you secure your living space on campus for the next academic year! Housing Selection has two parts - the priority housing application, and the room selection process. You must complete your housing application by the priority deadline to participate in room selection or room renewal. During the room selection process, students will be organized by class standing (ex: Senior, Junior, etc), and then randomly given a time slot. When your time slot arrives, you can enter the housing portal and select the available room of your choice.

If you don't apply for housing by the priority deadline, you cannot participate in room selection, and you will automatically be placed on a housing waitlist. As space is available, we will place as many waitlisted students as possible to a room based on availability and the room preferences listed on their application. If you would like to submit a housing application, doing so sooner rather than later would be best.

When is Housing Selection?

The Priority Housing Application will be open from October 17 to November 26, 2023.

Dates for Room Selection have not been finalized yet, but will occur a few days following the closure of the Priority Application.

What are my Housing Options?

As an upper division student, you have the freedom to live anywhere on campus aside from first-year exclusive buildings! There is a perfect match for you among the dozens of choices we offer. From apartment to suite to hall-style, from big to small, from north campus to south, we have it all!

For current first-year students, we highly recommend Morrison Hall for next year! This Sophomore-only building offers a bustling social atmosphere similar to Hinton-James or Ehringhaus! Plus, the wonderful Morrison Art Studio is the perfect place to try out a new hobby, or expand your creativity.

Explore the Halls to find the perfect fit for you!

Why Should I Live On-Campus?

On-campus living is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! It may be the only time where you can live in the center of a bustling community of your peers, filled with non-stop events and gatherings. Carolina Housing also provides a unique support system of Resident Advisors, Community Directors, and a Residence Hall Association who are on-call to assist and advocate for you.

There is nothing more convenient than living on campus! Depending on your choice of hall, you can be just minutes away from that 8:00 am class, next door to your best friends, steps away from dining options and recreational facilities, and have no need for a personal vehicle.

Carolina Housing understands the unique needs of a college student, so we offer flexible housing contracts to our residents. Graduating early? Studying abroad next year? You can apply for a single-semester contract!

How Much Does it Cost to Live On Campus?

Rates for the next academic year are generally approved by the University in Spring semester. Visit our Rates page for more details.

How Do I Apply?

Visit MyHousing Portal during the application period to submit your application. By submitting a contract, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions found in the Housing Contract, including the cancellation penalty schedule. This lets us know that you want to live on campus and makes you eligible to select your own housing.

How Do I Renew My Housing Assignment?

Room Renewal is for students who are assigned to upperclassmen communities for the Fall 2023 semester who want to keep their same assignment for the next year, unless the space is designated for a special program or as a staff room. Students can individually renew their space, or renew their space with a roommate group, but must do so by the November 26 priority deadline. If you renew your room, you will not need to participate in the Room Selection process.

How Do I Join a Residential Learning Community?

To apply for a Residential Learning Program, first submit a Housing Contract. Then click on the "next step" drop down menu and choose the RLP Application. If your Residential Learning Program application is still pending when Room Selection begins, go ahead and select a room/apartment as a backup plan.

What is the Housing Selection Contest?

Our Housing Selection Contest is our way of saying thank you for applying by the priority deadline! By applying for 2024-2025 on-campus housing by the priority deadline, you are automatically entered to win one of our unique prizes! Click here to learn more.

What is a Lottery Pick?

On various days between October 17 to November 26, Carolina Housing staff will set up a table on campus where students can enter their name for a chance to win a Lottery Pick. A Lottery Pick is your golden ticket to your top housing preferences! If you win a Lottery Pick, you will be part of the first wave of Room Selection. If you want to secure a single room, or an apartment in Ram Village for you and your roommate group, this is your best shot! Stay up-to-date on Carolina Housing social media accounts, where we will release a tabling schedule and announce winners.

What if I Don't Have a Roommate?

If you're looking for a roommate for next year, we are here to help! We have two resources for you. The first is the Roommate Search Tool in the Housing application, which allows you to fill out personal criteria to help find you a match for your roommate needs. Your other option is to join the WhatsApp group created by Carolina Housing to also help you find next year's roommates or suitemates! Once you identify your preferred roommate(s), make sure you follow the instructions within the housing application to create your group before the priority deadline.

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