Baity Hill Info and Documents

Baity Hill Info and Documents

COVID-19 Update:  ALL UNC Student Housing to Close


Following the Chancellor’s Message on March 17,2020, all residence halls are closing to the majority of students for the rest of the academic year except those who apply for and are granted a Special Circumstances Waiver

All Baity Hill residents who consider Baity Hill to be their permanent residence are considered a Special Circumstance and are approved to stay.  Because the UNC System has mandated all exceptions be approved, please complete the waiver and indicate that you live in Baity Hill.  Once completed, you should receive your waiver and continue living at Baity Hill through the remainder of the semester. 

If you plan to move out, you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible and should complete a notice to vacate form on the MyHousing Portal in Online forms/resources indicating the day you plan to move.  For more information, please send an email to

How To Check-Out Of Your Apartment

  • Once you have vacated and cleaned your apartment, you may leave your keys and flexpasses in an envelope labeled with your name, building-apartment # in the “keys only” box located next to the front door of the Baity House. Your apartment inspection will be completed by a Baity Hill staff member after your departure.
  • Please remove ALL your personal property and properly restore your apartment to its original condition, clean it completely to assure a successful check-out. We are anticipating your apartment will be vacant for an extended period of time, so please DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN THE REFRIGERATOR or any trash in the apartment.
  • Any decisions regarding potential refunds for housing will be made by the UNC System after April 1, or after the universities are beyond the immediate challenges being faced regarding the spread of COVID-19. We will share more with you when we receive that guidance from the UNC System.  

Staff Response

The Baity Hill Offices are closed, but the phone will be answered during normal business hours. As always, please call UNC Police at 9-1-1 in case of emergency or (919) 962-8100 for lockouts.

Package Centers

Effective immediately- Please do not have packages sent to your school address and if you intend to move, change your address with any agencies who have yet to ship you a package.

  • All packages are being automatically routed to the Morrison Package Center regardless of where you live on campus. The Baity Hill Package Center is Closed.
  • Should you have any additional questions regarding the Mail & Package operations, please check our website here or email .

We appreciate your cooperation as we work to keep our campus as safe and healthy as possible.  Should you have other questions about COVID-19 and the University response, please visit: or call the  Hotline: 919-445-5000.


Refer to this comprehensive FAQ below for more information on Baity Hill Apartment Community for Graduate & Family Housing. Feel free to contract us today with any questions at (919) 843-8831 or

How Do I Qualify to Live at Baity Hill?

You must be a full-time graduate or undergraduate student with a family to live at the Baity Hill community. Baity Hill is geared to student families.

Please note: Effective January 2016, Baity Hill no longer accepts applications for postdoctoral fellows. This decision has come with careful deliberation within our department. Our primary reason for discontinuing this program is because our leases always end in May. More often postdoc fellowships end between December and February and/or their departments lose funding and they are forced to move. In the past, we’ve made murky exceptions to try to accommodate the postdoc schedule. However, what we’ve found is often times we have to turn away students in the summer and fall because we are full, then an apartment that would have been occupied by a student is now vacant for several months because a post doc has vacated prior to May. By doing this, we have not been able to provide the best service to incoming students.

What Type of Apartments Does Baity Hill Have? Are They Furnished?

We have 1BR/BA, 2BR/1BA roommate and 2BR/2BA roommate apartments in all buildings. Apartments are not furnished. We allow you to bring your own personal furniture, just as off-campus apartment communities do. Each apartment does have a dishwasher, a refrigerator and washer and dryer hookups. Each building features laundry facilities for residents without their own washer and dryer. The 1BR/1BA & 2BR/2BA apartments are usually filled quickly so you may have to choose apartment type over building location.

  • Visit the Room Styles section for more photos and details.

How Much Does Baity Hill Cost? What Are the Lease Terms?

Please refer to our Rates page for updated costs. 

  • Leases at Baity Hill run from June 1st (or actual “Lease Start” date) through May 31st.
  • The “Lease Start Date” is the date that your lease and rent will begin.  The Move In date is the date that you actually complete your move in appointment and keys are issued.
  • Once you have agreed to a “Lease Start” date, this is the date your lease will begin, even if you choose to move in at a later date. These dates may be the same or they may be different.
  • Monthly rent due on the first of each month and late after the 5th day of the month.
  • We offer a summer extension or summer bridge (placing a hold on an apartment by paying reduced rent for June and July) option upon request. 
  • Subleasing is not permitted.

Does Baity Hill Allow Pets?

No, pets other than fish are not allowed.

When Can I Apply? How Do I Apply?

  • Applications are accepted year-round, and apartments are leased on a first-come, first-reserved basis with preference given to undergraduate and graduate student families. The application approval process begins when we have received the completed application and the application fee of $200.
  • You will need to submit an online application through the Housing Portal at  You must have valid Onyen and PID number to submit an application. (UNC ITS ONYEN services)

When Do You Begin Assigning Apartments?

  • We will begin assigning incoming students to available apartments as of April 1.
  • We will assign apartment based on an available apartment that best fits your preference(s).
  • A confirmation letter of this assignment will be sent to you via the email address on the application.  The confirmation letter will give you information regarding the specific apartment that has been assigned, lease start date, monthly rental rate and pro-rate amount, if applicable.

How Does the Issuance of Lease Process Work?

  • Upon acceptance of the apartment, the lease will be prepared that will state your “Lease Start” and sent to you for review.  Please sign and return all documents to our office ASAP.  
  • Once the lease has been signed by the student and returned to our office and the 1st months’ rent or pro-rate rent is paid, a move-in appointment will be scheduled.   If you are unable to make the scheduled appointment you must contact the management office immediately to reschedule your appointment.
  • We do not do move-ins on Saturdays or Sundays.  Please make your appointment between the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.  A member of our staff will complete the move in orientation with the student (lease holder) which will take approximately 30 minutes.  Upon completion of this appointment you will be issued keys.  
  • Only the student may sign the lease and be issued keys!

When You Say "All Utilities Included," What Does That Include?

Electricity, including heating and AC, water, basic cable TV service, and high speed internet access are all included in the rent. If you do choose to utilize the laundry facilities on-site, you will have to pay using your OneCard. Although covered parking is available, it is not included in the rent.

Is There Parking Available?

Yes! Covered parking is available underneath each building at Baity Hill, however, parking is not included in the rent. Contact the UNC Department of Public Safety to apply for a parking permit. Each apartment is guaranteed one parking space per apartment for an additional cost.  Residents will need to obtain a parking permit from the Parking and Transportation Services Department. Roommates will only be given one (1) parking spot and are not eligible for additional parking spaces.

What Bus Routes Serve Baity Hill Apartment Community?

The RU “Reverse Campus Shuttle”, N, and CM routes have several stops adjacent to Baity Hill, offering convenient service almost every 15 minutes throughout the day. The U “Campus Shuttle” route is located across from the other Baity Hill stops and will run every 15 minutes throughout the day. 

Where Is Baity Hill Located On Campus? How Do I Get There?

Baity Hill Apartment Community is located on south campus near the Dean E. Smith Center. The Baity Hill office is located in the Baity House, atop the hill of Baity Hill Drive. The address is 1503 Baity Hill Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.


  • From the North:  Take US-15 501 south. After Manning Drive, turn right on Mason Farm Road. Turn right onto Baity Hill Drive. The office is atop the hill.
  • From the South:  Take US-15 501 north. Do a U-turn at Manning Drive. Turn left on Mason Farm Road. Turn left on Baity Hill Drive. The office is atop the hill. 
  • From Campus:  Take Columbia Street / Pittsboro Street south past Manning Drive. Turn left on Mason Farm Road. Turn left on Baity Hill Drive.
  • Via Campus Bus: Take the RU (“Reverse Campus Shuttle”) bus to the Family Practice parking lot off Manning Drive. Baity Hill will be on your right at the top of the stairs.