Multicultural Competence

Multicultural Competence

Carolina Housing’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Carolina Housing is committed to fostering an inclusive work and living environment through a culture of trust, growth and collaboration.  We promote equity, education and advocacy through developmental opportunities that explore individual identity and personal growth.

Our goal is to incorporate multiculturalism into the various facets of our departmental guiding principles:

  • Staff Engagement
    • Develop and encourage opportunities for all staff to gain cultural awareness, enhance skills and increase investment in each other and the university community
  • Facilities Management
    • Maintain residential facilities that support each and every student by offering inclusive, accessible, and welcoming environments which enhance the on campus experience
  • Organizational Effectiveness
    • Promote inclusive hiring and recruitment practices that foster a diverse work environment
    • Advocate for equitable and transparent policies and procedures in our daily practices
  • Student Centered Learning
    • Create co-curricular educational opportunities that empower students to take ownership over their personal growth and develop skills to navigate an ever changing global society

It is our hope that all members of the Carolina Community and beyond with whom we interact will join us in our efforts to create this environment.

Multicultural Advisor Program

The Multicultural Advisor program promotes learning in the areas of multiculturalism, diversity and social justice through monthly staff development sessions co-facilitated by a Multicultural Advisor and a Community Director. Multicultural Advisors are resident advisors who receive additional training on social justice issues and facilitating group discussion on issues focused on multiculturalism. They encourage and promote learning through dialogue, resident interactions and programming.

The program has the following objectives:

  • To create an environment that develops Carolina Housing student leaders to dialogue around topics relating to diversity, multiculturalism and social justice
  • To increase awareness and knowledge of diverse identities and how they influence interactions with others
  • To promote inclusive communities through positive interaction
  • Increase resources available for staff on topics relating to diversity, multiculturalism and social justice

The program objectives are met through the creation and facilitation of modules that cover a range of topics related to multiculturalism and social justice through the use of discussions, scenarios, interactive multimedia, crafts, and campus tours.