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Student Staff Information Hub

Welcome to the ultimate resource for all things relating to Carolina Housing Residential Education Student Staff Positions. Please read through this guide to learn more about the positions we offer, the expectations of the roles, and the timelines of our hiring campaigns before heading over to our application portal page to submit your application!

Leadership Team

Resident Advisor Mentors (RAMs): This Leadership Team role advises and oversees Resident Advisors as well as a community of residents within their assigned floor. The RAM works with their supervising Community Director and other LT members to mentor and lead the students in their community. In order to qualify for the RAM position, students have had to held the RA or RAM position with Carolina Housing in the past.

The application and selection process for this position occurs in October and November. Since this is an internally hired role, information about this position and the application process will come from current supervisors.

Community Managers (CMs): This Leadership Team role serves as a leader in the department as a whole and in their specific community. In doing so, CMs will serve as a role model to supervise OA staff members and mentor RA staff members in their roles by helping them to develop positive residential communities. This includes but is not limited to: form appropriate resident relationships, train staff on desk procedures, help to actualize the spirit of Community Immersion, facilitate opening and closing procedures, and support crisis management efforts. CMs actively work with the Leadership Team to develop a positive team dynamic amongst their OA and RA staff. This may include but is not limited to: facilitation of trainings and workshops, assistance in leading weekly staff meetings, meet with staff members on individual basis as needed, and fostering a positive attitude regarding Carolina Housing and community initiatives.

Information about this internally hired role will come from current supervisors.

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors (RAs) work to create an inclusive on-campus housing environment that promotes personal development, citizenship, involvement, and leadership through the practice of Community Immersion. RAs serve as a resource for students in their community
and as a role model at UNC Chapel Hill, and are supervised by a Community Director (CD).

Resident Advisors do not maintain traditional 8am-5pm, M-F hours, with work hours varying based upon residential community needs and the needs of the department. This includes nighttime and weekend commitments. Required work days will include: openings, closings, some holidays, some events, some breaks, and training days. RAs are required to serve on an On Call rotation on both week and weekend days. The frequency of On Call shifts varies based on community size.

A successful RA has a passion for working with a diverse student population, a commitment to student learning and development, and strong critical thinking and problem solving skills. A successful RA demonstrates initiative, possesses the ability to work autonomously as well as part of a team, communicates effectively, and maintains a positive attitude.

Aside from the benefits of being uniquely connected to your community and peers, RAs receive a yearly stipend (please refer to the LOA on the application portal page to find the stipend amount for the current year), and will be assigned to a single furnished room in their designated community unless housing shortages require the assignment of a roommate.

RA Positions

New RAs: Dates vary from year to year, but the RA application generally opens in early-mid November and closes in early December. During this application period, we will host multiple info sessions. If you wish to apply, attending one of these is a mandatory part of the application process (you can apply first and attend an info session after the fact!).

To make sure you stay aware of application deadlines and info meeting times by staying up-to-date on checking your email inbox, and following Carolina Housing on social media!

The interview process will take place in late January. Our advice? Practice, be yourself, show your passion, and have examples ready that display your strengths instead of just listing your skills!

The successful candidates will be selected, placed, and given offers in late February. However, we will be reaching out to alternates into mid-March, so please still keep an eye out!

Returner RAs: The timeline for returning RAs is typically the same as for new RAs, but there will be a separate application and interview process for returners. Returning RAs will get the majority of their information about this process from their current supervisors.

Mid Year RAs: Occasionally, Carolina Housing may find that we need more RAs and have exhausted our waitlist after the school year has begun. If we find that we are in need, applications will open in September, with interviews and acceptances happening in early October. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis in this situation.

RLP RAs: Residential Learning Programs give a unique, inclusive learning experience that connects classroom learning with residential living. Residents will enjoy all the usual advantages of living on campus in a residence hall, with the added benefit of living among a group of students who share your similar academic goals and interests. Program experiences are provided through collaboration with student, faculty, and staff partnerships assigned to the RLP.

RLP RAs carry the same responsibilities as a typical RA, with the added experience of being a part of an RLP. A RLP RA's community may enjoy more unique programing and have more specific support needs.

There will be a separate application for RLP RAs. If you would like to be considered for an RLP RA role as well as a typical RA role, you will need to apply through both applications.

Office Assistants

Office Assistants (OAs) work to create an inclusive on-campus housing environment that promotes personal development, citizenship, involvement, and leadership through the practice of Community Immersion. OAs serve as a resource for students in their community and as a role model at UNC Chapel Hill. Common responsibilities of an OA include tasks such as answering resident questions, checking out enhancements, and giving residents replacement keys.

OAs are assigned to traditional residence halls, suite style complexes, or apartment buildings and are supervised by the Community Director (CD) and the Community Manager (CM). Hours of work vary based on the need of the department and community (ex: Halloween, popular sporting events, inclement weather, training, opening, closing, staff selection, unforeseen circumstances, etc.) and includes some evenings and weekends. After providing a schedule of availability, a supervisor will determine the specific work schedule. All leave time must be approved by their supervisor. OAs are required to attend all training activities while employed. OAs are expected to work all residence hall openings and closings, including Fall semester, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Semester, Spring Break and Spring Semester/Commencement closing.

OA's are typically hired on a rolling basis, with the bulk of this process taking place from October to November. However, it is more common to see mid-year need for OA's, so stay up-to-date with emails and social media communication from Carolina Housing to be notified for when the application re opens throughout the year.

Community Resident Advisors

CRAs very much carry the same responsibilities as an RA, with one unique difference. CRAs are selected to serve areas that house primarily graduate students and their families (Baity Hill). Because of this, resident interactions and programs will be specifically designed to support the needs of this community. CRAs may partner with offices around campus to provide specific support (the Graduate School, UNC Global, etc.).

The hiring process for this position begins in January, stay up-to-date on email and social media communication to know when applications open.

Summer Positions

Summer RAs: The Summer RA position is an internal only position, so candidates must have been or currently be RAs with Carolina Housing in order to apply. The application opens in February and closes in March.

Conference Assistants: The Conference Assistant (CA) position works for the Office of Conference Services, a unit within Carolina Housing. The CA is the front-line customer service representative of the University to all summer camps and conference guests. The CAs’ specific duties include guest relations, room set-up, linen distribution, and other tasks as assigned. Conference Assistants also assist with camps & conference check-ins/check-outs, work guest services shifts at the community office, and help ensure that the facilities are in good order by conducting inspections and post-conference assessments. Work will be a combination of traditional and non-traditional hours and will include weekends. Additionally, CAs will be in an on-call rotation between the hours of 5:00pm and 9:00am requiring them to live on-campus. CAs will work on average 20 – 25 hours per week.

The recruitment process for this position will typically begin in March, with offers extended in early April.

Summer Orientation Advisor: The Summer Orientation Advisor (SOA) position works for Carolina Housing and is the front line customer service representative to Orientation students staying in campus housing. SOAs are assigned to live in Carmichael Residence hall during the duration of the SOA role. The SOAs assists with group check-ins and check-outs, works customer service shifts at the community office, assists with linen distribution and retrieval, and help ensure that the facilities are in good order. The SOA is also on-call for Orientation students regarding residence hall concerns like lock outs and facility concerns.

The SOA role is not a traditional 8-5/M-F job. Actual hours of work vary based on the
needs of Carolina Housing and includes evenings and some weekends.
SOAs must attend all trainings while employed. SOAs are expected to reside in their
assigned room for a minimum of five nights per week, including 2 weekends per
month, in addition to meeting the needs of Carolina Housing listed above. Any
additional time away from the community must be requested and approved by the
SOA Leadership Team. SOAs are required to serve scheduled weekday and weekend

The recruitment process for this position will typically begin in March, with offers extended in early April.

Package Center Representatives

Package Service Representatives (PSRs) are responsible for receiving and distributing mail to our residents at Hinton James, Morrison and Spencer Package Centers. PSRs use the SCLogic package tracking system. They must maintain accuracy and confidentiality, as well as comply with all Federal Mail Regulations. PSRs interact daily with various delivery carriers, professional staff, and residents while providing excellent customer service. PSRs have the opportunity for advancement. Some common responsibilities include receiving and sorting mail and packages, distributing mail to students, and using the SCLogic package tracking system.

This position is typically hired on a rolling basis, so stay up-to-date on email and social media communication to know when applications open.

Residential Computing Consultants

ResNET employs students across campus dedicated to providing reliable on-site IT support, education and delivering new technologies to the UNC-Chapel Hill residential community. The ResNET staff is committed to enhancing the intellectual environment to support the University’s vision.

Residential Computing Consultants (RCCs) are required to live in specific on-campus ResNET reserved rooms during their tenure. ResNET has specific rooms on campus for RCCs to live. Based on population and support needs, RCCs are strategically placed so that the highest level of customer service is provided to the residents. Candidates will be given an opportunity to submit preferences, but they are not guaranteed their top choices.

Applications typically open in October or November.

Gaming Assistants

GAs work in the Carolina Gaming Arena assisting students as they enjoy our game library. Applications open early in the Spring semester.

Marketing Interns

Marketing Interns will help brainstorm ideas, plan content, assist with social media campaigns, feature on our podcast, write blogs and collect photo/video content at campus events. Their content will feature on Carolina Housing social media accounts, as well as our website. Additionally, they will assist with tabling at events throughout the semester.

Marketing Interns are hired as needed at the start of each semester, including summer. Hiring updates will be communicated via email and social media. Marketing interns are limited to two semesters of participation to allow us to provide this opportunity to a variety of students. This is a paid position of approximately 10 hours per week.

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