Carolina Housing works to provide convenient housing that is safe, inclusive and supportive. We strive for students to experience a welcoming home in our on-campus communities, build life-long friendships and develop skills for their current and future success as they journey through their Carolina experience. 

Articulated Values


  • Provide programs, spaces, and experiences that promote a sense of belonging, adaptability and responsiveness to student needs, an understanding of others different in their interests, backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, as well as affirm cultural identities in order to develop the potential of every individual in our community.


  • Aim to maintain residential facilities and programs that are safe, secure, and healthy, promote physical and emotional wellbeing, and educate students to live safely and make decisions in line with their values and goals.


  • With care and compassion, place students at the center of our work and engage them in educational activities, roles, and relationships that support success and foster growth.


  • Take innovative approaches to balancing our tradition with progressiveness, providing comfortable living and learning environments, and being accountable for the efficient and effective use of resources.

Our Envisioned Future

As the department continues to enact its strategic plan, the residential students of UNC Chapel Hill will have…  

  • World-class residence hall environments that blend modern features of home with the traditional elements of a historic campus.  
  • Dynamic administrative systems that balance efficiency and consistency with flexibility and responsiveness to individual needs.  
  • Consistent access to services and amenities regardless of which hall they choose to live.  
  • A residential experience created to be the best value and greatest benefit for the cost. 
  • Phenomenal educational opportunities and services that provide:  
    • Access to multiple paths to academic excellence and success  
    • Opportunities to develop leadership, interpersonal, intercultural, and other critical life skills  
    • Safe and inclusive communities that create space for the exploration of self and social justice 


  • Employ flexible and equitable systems and services within the university framework in order to meet student and staff needs.
  • Offer high quality facilities that balance the sustainability needs of residential buildings with the evolving demands of innovative and world-class students.
  • Facilitate programmatic opportunities that foster a sense of belonging, student success, and community engagement.
  • Promote equity, access, and diversity through the implementation of initiatives that foster safe, inclusive, and respectful environments for all students.
  • Invest in the professional and personal development of all staff to maintain the quality of services we offer and enhance the overall student experience in the residence halls.
  • Use data to inform progress and measure overall programmatic effectiveness including student learning and satisfaction and share with stakeholders how data has influenced our decision making.