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Carolina Housing


The purpose of Assessment in Carolina Housing is to improve our practice, demonstrate student learning, share our story, facilitate and encourage data-driven decision making and planning, as well as to collect and analyze data in an ethical and inclusive way.Our practice emphasizes the cultivation and communication of relevant information to inform and shape Carolina Housing programs and practices in order to better serve our student population through comprehensive and inclusive assessment practice, evaluation, planning, and professional development.

Assessment Committee

Role of the Committee

The primary onus of the Carolina Housing Assessment Committee is to articulate, implement, and then monitor the assessment agenda for Carolina Housing. The goal of the Committee is to create a comprehensive and consistent culture of assessment where we used data, in all its forms, to inform our educational practices and to ensure student success, self-awareness and satisfaction. To this end, the Assessment Committee focuses on:

  • Implementing the Assessment Plan goals and objectives
  • Serving as consultants for departmental assessment initiatives
  • Providing professional development in the area of assessment to Carolina Housing
  • Developing and facilitating larger departmental assessment projects
  • Identifying and share assessment resources
  • Writing and distributing reports
  • Collaborating with the Student Affairs Assessment Committee

VIA: Voice Into Action

VIA stands for Voice Into Action. VIA is an assessment branding campaign that communicates one clear message: We heard your voice and are making changes. This brand allows us to quickly communicate with our stakeholders that we have heard their voice, share key data points, share data-driven changes, and continue to encourage our stakeholders to share their perspectives.

Once an assessment and action plan are completed, key learning points and action items are distributed in various formats (electronic bulletin boards, newsletters, post cards, flyers, etc.) to individuals who provided data or feedback and to relevant stakeholders. This campaign contributes to our commitment to following the assessment cycle and maintaining transparency with results.

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