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Carmichael Makerspace

BeAM@CAROLINA is a network of makerspaces where any UNC student, staff, or faculty member can join the UNC maker community in the design and creation of physical objects for education, research, entrepreneurship, and recreation. Makers can participate in studio work, training sessions, workshops, and class maker projects through a number of courses taught across campus. BeAM patrons can collaborate and build valuable skills in spaces equipped with emerging technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting, along with areas dedicated to sewing and woodworking. Including our partnership with the Kenan Science Library (located in Venable Hall), makers have four locations from which to choose to fit their schedules and making interests: Murray Hall, Hanes Art Center, and Carmichael Residence Hall.

Makerspace Open Hours

  • All BeAM users can continue to access the Murray makerspace through this Saturday, July 31st.
  • BeAM will open to researchers only from Tuesday, August 3rd to Friday, August 27th. Researcher hours will be:
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3pm to 7pm
    • Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am to noon
  • BeAM will reopen to all users on Monday, August 30th with fall semester hours. This will include Murray, Carmichael, and Hanes Art Center.
  • All operational information can be found on the Hours page of the BeAM website.

Training and Maker Resources

  • Trainings will be limited in the interim period, but will ramp up after August 30th as fall hours begin.
  • This fall, BeAM will make Metal Shop, ShopBot, and Shaper Origin trainings available to users. Look for announcements sometime after Labor Day.
  • Our Education team is in the process of streamlining tool trainings and improving makerspace quick guides and other online resources. While our welcoming and knowledgeable staff will always be available to assist, we want to make more resources available to you whether you’re in the makerspaces or designing and planning elsewhere.

Upcoming Changes

  • BeAM will be providing PETG (drinking bottle plastic) and cardboard sheets this year for laser cutter/project consumable materials. Plywood and acrylic will be available for purchase in select sizes or full sheets in Student Stores, and eventually in Murray Hall through a vending machine.
  • Later in the fall semester, BeAM will pilot and expand a new, 3D printer software system that will allow UNC makers to access and operate our Ultimaker 3 printers remotely, 24/7. This control software is used in university makerspaces, libraries, and labs across the country, including Yale, Duke, Penn, Berkeley, Elon, and NC State. Once that system is fully in place, BeAM will provide the first 150 grams of filament to all users at no charge. After the provided allotment has been used, makers will pay for printing by the gram (of filament) using their OneCard account. BeAM is committed to keeping the price of 3D printing as low as possible while continuing to improve customer service and convenience to the maker community.

BeAM welcomes everyone at Carolina to take a chance, make a difference, and Be A Maker!

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