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Carolina Housing

Parker Community

Community Director

Jordan Jackson

Service Desk

Quick Facts

Nickname: Parker
Location: Mid-Campus
Walk to the Pit: 5 minutes
Building Style: Four-bedroom Suites
Service Desk: Carmichael Hall, 1st floor lobby

Residence Halls

Feel the Parker Love!

What is Parker Love? It is the Community’s twist on the Carolina Way, a catch phrase and source of pride for the residents. This pride is shown through many community events and programs, such as the Community Luau and Haunted House. 

Parker Community is centrally located on Stadium Drive, which means it is an easy walk to any part of campus and a perfect location for game days in the fall. Parker is situated nearly equidistant from both dining halls and both gyms, and has suite-style floor plan that many residents love.

“I love that everything is close. I can choose between dining halls, have a 10 minute walk to the campus quad, and can take part in both the freshman craziness and more serious upperclassmen activities.”

--Kathleen, Avery resident

“I love being able to see the baseball field from the balcony . I enjoy watching the team practice while I sit outside and do homework.”

--Will, Avery resident

“When we won the men's soccer national championship, the entirety of celebrated, because the players live upstairs. We were able to sing the alma mater with Ehringhaus and it truly felt like home.”

--Kate, Parker resident

“It has the hominess of south campus halls and the closeness/convenience of north campus halls, plus food and the gym couldn't be closer. Literally perfect”

--Alexia, Teague resident

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