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Designed specifically for parents and students, this informational session will provide clarity for the room selection process and those on the priority waitlist.

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Transfers United

Transfer United Residential Learning Program (TU RLP) promotes your seamless transition as a transfer student to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. By encouraging success in academics, wellness and engagement, the program will help you establish a connection with the Carolina and prepare you to persist through to graduation.

What we’re about

Transfer United offers an integrated approach to providing you with support and resources through a combination of residence life programs, academic coursework, peer mentoring, guest speakers, academic resource workshops, career coaching seminars, and service opportunities.

  • Create a bridge between your community college experience and your Carolina experience
  • Build a network of peers with the common experience of transferring
  • Gain a greater understanding of the academic rigor of Carolina coursework
  • Connect with campus resources and support
  • Find success in your chosen major
  • Feel academically and socially connected to Carolina

Who can join this RLP

Application to TU is open to any undergraduate transfer student regardless of major, credit hours, or class standing.

Experiences we offer

Engagement in TU occurs through the following core components:

  1. Transfer United Residential Learning Program
    You will be assigned campus housing in Carmichael Residence Hall with other transfer students, making it easier to meet new people and feel at home early in the semester. As a Transfer United resident, you are encouraged to participate in one community meeting and one social program per month.
  2. Fall Junior Transfer Seminar: EDUC 301–Thriving in Transition (OPTIONAL but encouraged)
    In this academic 3-credit course, you’ll work closely with a faculty member and other transfers in a small discussion-oriented class environment. The course will survey the role of colleges and universities from political, social and educational viewpoints. As part of the course you will reflect on your own experiences in higher education.
    The seminar fulfills two General Education Requirements: SS–Social and Behavioral Science and EE–Experiential Education. It is also designated as a research-intensive course which may be used for the Carolina Research Scholar Program (CRSP).
  3. Junior Transfer Success Group
    This meeting is designed to support your successful transition to Carolina and to discuss questions and concerns unique to transfer students. You will also have the opportunity to network with University professionals and to engage directly with campus resources that can help you actualize your personal, academic and professional goals.
    The group meets regularly during the first eight weeks of the semester (time TBA).
  4. Transfer Student Ambassadors
    The Transfer Student Ambassadors program is designed to help new transfer students become acclimated, both inside and outside the classroom at UNC. ambassadors work with key offices across campus to serve as a resource for easing the academic and social transition of new transfer students.

Location and size

Transfer United houses approximately 40 students in Carmichael Residential Community.
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