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Pride Place

Pride Place Residential Learning Program (RLP) is a residential community focused on the personal wellness and academic success of students of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions at Carolina. We envision a housing community in which every LGBTQ+ student feels safe, included, and empowered. Residents will learn about the LGBTQ+ community and its many intersections, build relationships, and actively engage in the community. This RLP is supported through a partnership with the UNC LGBTQ Center and Carolina Housing.

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Pride Place

What we’re about

This goal of this residential learning program is to provide residents with a space to feel safe and empowered through their sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. With this foundation, residents can form meaningful relationships with others in their community and will find connections to other related organizations and campus resources. Residents will learn about a variety of educational topics surrounding the LGBTQ+ community, participate in community outreach, share their passions and backgrounds, and promote LGBTQ+ awareness across campus.

Pride Place is structured on four pillars that serve as the guiding principles and commitments for the community to provide residents. These pillars include:

  • Community Development
  • Public Service and Advocacy
  • Identity Exploration and Empowerment
  • Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Intersectionality

Who can join this RLP

Application to Pride Place is open to any undergraduate student of any classification or major, as well as any sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

If you are offered and accept a spot in the RLP, please know that members are expected to follow the Pride Place community guidelines. These guidelines are updated every year and are intended to keep Pride Place residents safe while providing them opportunities to voice their opinions, embrace their passions, and explore new aspects of the LGBTQ+ community.

What our students say

Check out what out this video from our students in the RLP. Please note that as of fall 2020 Pride Place has been moved to Joyner Residence Hall in the Connor Community and is no longer in Cobb Hall. (Video made by Annabelle Holman on Vimeo)
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Experiences we offer

Pride Place offers engagement through weekly discussions and activities that are informed by student input and campus partners. While topics vary from year to year, there are general areas of focus that programming seeks to explore:

Identity and Value Formation

  • Increasing understanding of self through critical reflection of identities, beliefs, and values
  • Acknowledging and understanding themselves as an important component in larger communities and social systems
  • Exploring their own identities and cultures while acknowledging the perspectives and biases they may hold

Cultural Competency

  • Discovering the differences and intersections which may exist between diverse groups of people
  • Appreciating and respecting cultural differences and similarities among diverse groups
  • Acquiring sufficient understanding and knowledge about systems of privilege and social power


  • Learning to practice open and honest discussion regularly to build healthy personal and professional relationships
  • Becoming confident in leading and facilitating conversations on topics like diversity while remaining sensitive to all perspectives

Location and size

Pride Place houses approximately 32 residents in Joyner Residence Hall, which part of the Connor Residential Community on the north side of campus.
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