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Need Help Finding a Roommate for Next Year?

February 12, 2024 |

Looking for a roommate? We're here to help! You have 2 options to choose from. The first is the Roommate Search Tool in the Housing application, which allows you to fill out personal criteria to help find you a match for your roommate needs. The other is a Whatsapp Community created to also help you find next year's roommates or suitemates!

STEP 1: Download WhatsApp

STEP 2: Join!

Important Note: joining the chat group and agreeing with another person on being roommates does not automatically make you roommates. You will have to create a “Roommate Group” in your Housing Application and follow the directions as stated.  Carolina Housing does not monitor and is not responsible for what is sent within this group chat. The expectation is that all Tar Heels will utilize it according to its intended purpose and in line with the UNC Student Conduct Code.

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