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Free Laundry for Spring 2022

December 21, 2021 |

Greetings from Chapel Hill!

We hope that this email finds you enjoying a well-deserved break. We’re writing to all residential students with an apology and an announcement.

Throughout this fall semester, the washers and dryers in our residential laundry rooms did not perform up to our standards. We don’t need to tell you this because you lived with the inconvenience every time you tried to do your laundry. There are three main reasons these issues occurred:

  1. Our machines did not respond well to not being used regularly for nearly 18 months while the halls were mostly empty due to the pandemic.
  2. When the problems became evident this fall, there were supply chain issues which significantly limited our ability to acquire replacement machines or obtain parts for repairs.
  3. Separately, we also experienced an abnormally high amount of machine misuse and vandalism which compounded the problem.
    Regardless of the reasons, we want you to know that we are aware of the shortcomings in our residential laundry rooms and are diligently working to improve the situation. We sincerely apologize for the poor service.

Because of these challenges, we are announcing that use of laundry machines in the residence halls will be free of charge next semester. Moving forward, we are pursuing a new agreement with a laundry services vendor that we expect to be completed this semester. This agreement will afford us the opportunity to start modernizing our laundry program and machines beginning this summer. Once further details are known, we will share them with those living on campus next year.

Free Laundry Services for Spring 2022

We look forward to having you back on campus for spring semester.


Allan Blattner
Executive Director
Carolina Housing

Scott Myers
Auxiliary Services

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