Hinton James Package Center Is Now Open!

Hinton James Package Center Is Now Open!

Big news! The Hinton James Package Center has arrived! Use this FAQ to be prepared for any changes in your mail and packages service.

For additional information about the Hinton James Package Center and our other package centers, visit the Mail and Packages section of this website.

Do I have to go to a different spot to pick up my packages?

If you live in Ehringhaus, Hinton James, Horton, Koury, Taylor (Ram Village 4) or Ram Village 5, then YES. The Hinton James Package Center serves these residence hall buildings.

If you live in a building other than the ones listed above, then NO, you should go to the package center you've been going to.

OK, so I live in one of the buildings mentioned above and I currently go to Morrison to pick up my packages. Can I still do that?

You are welcome to stop by Morrison Package Center to say "hi", but your package is at Hinton James Package Center.

Will my mailing address change?

Unless you move to a different residence hall for the spring semester, you will use the same mailing address you've been using. By the way, if you are not certain of your exact mailing address, visit the What's My Address? page of this website.

Where is the Hinton James Package Center?

Hinton James Package Center location map

The package pickup entrance is located on the exterior side of the building that faces the Hinton James basketball court. The blue dot indicates the approximate location of the Hinton James Package Center in relationship to the building. There will be signage out front indicating the package center.

What are the operating hours for Hinton James Package Center?

All three of our package centers have the same operating hours during the academic year: Monday - Friday 10 am - 6:30 pm and Saturday 11 am - 4 pm. Hours may vary during breaks and all package centers are closed during University holidays. Hinton James Package Center will be closed during the summer.

What are the policies for picking up packages at Hinton James Package Center?

The package pickup process is the same for Hinton James as it is for Morrison and Spencer Package Centers. You will receive an email from Carolina Housing notifying you that a package is available for pickup. You must present your UNC OneCard (or valid photo ID) each time you pick up a package. 

Can I call or email the Hinton James Package Center?

Yes, you can reach the Hinton James Package Center at 919-445-4841 or hintonjamespackagecenter@unc.edu