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Welcome to the Carolina Cupboard!

April 4, 2023 |

By Samantha Thompson

Located in the basement of Avery Residence Hall, Carolina Cupboard is a free food pantry open to the UNC Community. They operate Tuesday through Thursday from 10AM to 4PM both by appointment and walk-in and welcome all students and members of the UNC Community regardless of financial need. Despite this, it remains an extremely underutilized resource on campus. This year, Carolina Housing, as well as the Carolina Cupboard team, are seeking to change that. 

Being successful as a student relies on many functions but none of those functions can happen unless you are well-fed. Food is necessary; without it, the consequences can quickly become dire. Still, on our campus, over 22% of students face food insecurity—and across the nation, the number nearly doubles at over 40%. The reason behind these statistics varies from student to student and campus to campus. However, financial struggles and work/school/family obligations remain leading factors in food insecurity.  In essence, the lack of food for our peers is down to insufficient money and time.

Carolina Cupboard, founded in 2014, seeks to alleviate these struggles for the UNC community. Current president Kayla Brown says, “Our purpose is to connect the broader community for accessible and equitable resources with no restrictions.” Its location makes accessibility simple for students as it is a walkable distance to RU, U, and NU bus stops, helping students who may not have time or the ability to get quick groceries off campus. The pantry includes frozen and fresh goods & produce and various supplies. The Carolina Cupboard welcomes those in need but also welcomes collaboration with other student organizations on food and supply drives and personal donations. Additionally, if you need more information, Carolina Cupboard encourages students to reach out or explore their website, linked here. But how does it work? Really, it’s not as complicated as you may think. 

First, decide when you want to visit and whether you want to do so as a walk-in or through appointment. If you would feel more comfortable privately utilizing the pantry, making an appointment before arrival is recommended. As previously mentioned, the pantry is located in the basement of Avery Residence Hall (295 Ridge Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514). The pantry can be accessed through the side door of the building.  

Next, once you’re there, check-in in with a Carolina Cupboard volunteer. It is important to note that you do not need to demonstrate financial need in order to utilize the pantry. However, your PID is required! They will walk you through the process if you have any other questions, but if not, go ahead and grab what you need! There are no limitations to what you can get (except for frozen goods). Help maintain a tidy space for others who utilize the cupboard, and once you’re finished, consider passing the resource to others and visit again soon! 


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