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Watch: The Voice Into Action Video Series

November 2, 2023

By Sophia Raspanti

Carolina Housing wants to hear from you! This November, the Voice Into Action survey will be sent to all student residents to gather feedback about the on-campus living experience. In a time where feedback requests, polls, surveys, and more are constantly flooding your inbox, yet another survey can feel like a big ask. However, this 10-15 minute survey is a crucial element to the Voice Into Action initiative, a program that uses student voices to creative lasting, positive changes to the on-campus living experience.

Through a short series of videos, Dr. Ashley Gray, the Associate Director of Assessment and Strategic Planning, discusses Voice into Action, its origins, and why submitting a survey are incredibly powerful ways to get involved in student life and advocacy.

What is Voice Into Action?

Dr. Ashley Gray discusses the Voice Into Action initiative and why it is important that student residents get involved.

Why was Voice Into Action created?

Dr. Ashley Gray discusses the need for student voices in creating lasting, positive change to on-campus living spaces and the student resident experience.

Voice Into Action: The Importance of the Survey

Dr. Ashley Gray discusses why all students should respond to the survey and how this is an important step in creating lasting action.

Looking for More?

Carolina Housing creates informational videos to explain various initiatives and campaigns, including Housing Selection, Voice into Action, and more. To view these videos, check out our YouTube channel.

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