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Things to be Thankful For

November 23, 2021

By: John Credle, 2021-2022 Marketing Intern 

2021 has been a year full of new opportunities and adventures while navigating through the pandemic and trying to return to normal ways of life. From getting the COVID-19 vaccine, to starting classes in person again, and coming back to campus, it has been a year of ups and downs. Through all of this, it is important to reflect on the positive things in life and to take a moment to be thankful for what we still have. Here are a few things that I am thankful for this year... 


One thing I’m very thankful for is the friends I’ve made since coming to UNC. They are always there for me for things like getting lunch or being my solid support when I need it. They make every moment fun and interesting. With everything that goes on in a year, or even a day, your friends will always be there for you. And for that, I’m thankful for each one of my friends. 


My family is another thing I’m thankful for. Although college is a place of independence and a transition to adulthood, my family is still there for me through the ups and downs. They may be a little farther away from me, but they are always texting me and calling me, just checking in. It can be hard being so far away from them; however, they make sure to remind me that I have them just a call away. 

Campus Community 

COVID-19 made things a little weird at the beginning of the year but I’m thankful to be back on campus. Being in the college atmosphere allows for new memories to be made and the opportunity to make new friends and connections. It was hard to do this over a computer screen but being on-campus has allowed for these moments again.  

Small Things 

The last thing I’m thankful for is the small things in life. Whether it is being surprised by my friends, enjoying a sunrise, or winning a prize in the pit, I’m thankful for these small moments. College can be stressful, crazy, and exhausting. Taking a moment to appreciate the small things and finding joy in them is so important. The small things are what make life fun, interesting, and amazing; be thankful for every moment, big or small. 

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