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Thank You Housekeeping Staff

September 15, 2021

By: Anyi Li - 2021-2022 Marketing Intern

It was 5:30 PM when Joy heard Esther screaming from the bathroom in between their rooms. She had already tucked herself into a soft, comfy, large blanket and fully prepared to spend the rest of Friday night in her bed eating pizza delivered from Dominos and watching the new season of Lucifer on Netflix. Unwillingly, she got up and entered the bathroom. 

“What is it, Esther?” She asked.

Esther said nothing but pointed her to the toilet. Inside it is a disgusting mixture of yellow excrements and water. Somehow the toilet got clogged and couldn’t flush everything down.

“I have tried unclogging it with a toilet plunger like what I normally do at home, but it just doesn’t work,” Esther explained.

“Let’s put in a Fix My Room request.” Joy sighed.

Fifteen minutes later, a Housekeeping Staff knocked on Esther’s door with a cart full of tools to fix different facilities. 

“How can I help you?” The gentleman asked.

Esther and Joy led him in the right direction. They both covered their faces in their hands, their faces blushing, completely ashamed of letting someone else deal with that disgusting mixture they created. Yet, the gentleman didn’t even raise an eyebrow. Within less than two minutes, he unclogged the toilet.

From unclogging toilets to fixing broken washers or sanitizing our residence halls daily during COVID time, the Housekeeping Staff always silently accomplish the essential work of ensuring the residents have their needs met! Carolina Housing is forever grateful for their hard work! 

This week is our Housekeeping Appreciation week! Appreciation cards for the Housekeeping Staff were already signed on College Colors Day on September 3rd and distributed to each campus housing communities. So, students, please stop by your community office for a few minutes and fill them out! Let our dear Housekeeping Staff know how much we appreciate them!

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