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Taking Care of Yourself On-Campus

November 15, 2021

Mental Health Resources and Recommendations 

By John Credle - 2021-2022 Marketing Intern 

Hey Tar Heels! Being back in-person and on-campus for the first time since March of 2020 can be challenging. With a full class load, extra-circulars, jobs, and internships, life can be overwhelming. Just know, you are not alone. If you ever feel like it’s too much and get overwhelmed, know that it is perfectly fine to feel that way. Below, I’ll give you some resources and advice on how to deal with everything.  


CAPS is the on-campus Counseling and Psychological Services department . They are a great resource for anyone who is struggling and dealing with their Mental Health. They offer group therapy, individual therapy, helpful programs, and other resources if they see fit. If you need someone to talk to, I highly recommend reaching out to them. Their hours are 8am to 5pm every Monday-Friday and they have a 24/7 hotline for anyone who needs it, the number is 919-966-3658. 

Campus Recreation 

Campus Rec offers multiple recreation programs offering a variety of ways to stay active. With 2 amazing gyms, an outdoor pool, rock-climbing wall, intramural sports, and more, there is something for everyone. Studies show that exercise can help with relieving stress and improving your mental health. Campus Rec has so many great resources like personal trainers and amazing equipment so that everyone can find something they enjoy. 

Campus Wellness 

Campus Wellness is an amazing program that is focused on caring for the mental and physical health of Tar Heels. They have programs for alcohol and drug abuse, mental health, and so much more. They are a great option if you are looking for involvement in helping your peers or if you need someone to talk to. Additionally, they work on making campus a safer and more understanding environment. 

In Your Room On Campus 

In your room, there is always someone you can talk to if you are feeling down or need a connection. Your RA, Community Director, and other Housing staff in your residence hall are always there for you if you need to talk. Additionally, if you need help with a problem or they think this is a deeper issue, they can connect you with the proper resources on campus. . Don’t hesitate to reach out to your RA for any help or issues that arise.   

Take a Break 

Going to UNC can be hard considering how academically rigorous it is, but you should also take a break when it is needed. Campus has amazing resources as presented above and sometimes you just need to take time for yourself. Reach out to your professors, TAs, RAs and friends in your classes if you need a break. You are more important than any grade or GPA. 

If you or anyone you know is struggling and you don’t know how to help, here are some helpful hotlines: 

CAPS: 919-966-3658 

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 

If you or someone you know are concerned for someone’s safety, contact 911 immediately 

You matter, you are loved, and you are not alone 

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