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Residence Hall Spaces

March 14, 2022

By Anyi Li - Marketing Intern 2021-2022

Need a place to sit and study or just relax? , Let’s explore some of our residential hall spaces to help you do that – and there are so many choices! Now’s the time to find your study spot before exams!  

Lounges, Lobbies & Multi-purpose Rooms 

When you want to study or rest in an area that is not your room, or if you are hosting a large group of friends for a night of board games or a birthday party, you can always use the lounges and multi-purpose rooms in your residence hall. Every residence hall has at least one spacious lounge on each floor, and some  spaces, like the Ram Village Apartments or Carmichael, have large multi-purpose rooms where you can cook, hang out, and study.

Study/Conference Rooms 

If you have a group project that requires  group of people to meet and work together, or if you want a private space for you and your friends to study, you can use the study/conference rooms in your residence hall. There is one long conference table in the middle of the room and a whiteboard to use for notes, breaking down equations, or doodling to take a break.

Recreation Rooms 

Do you want to challenge your friends to a round of billiards, ping pong, or tabletop foosball? Even more, do you want to binge through movies and shows with your friends? Then, check out the recreation room in your residence hall! ResNET offers several streaming options for the lounge TVs. ResNET provides Netflix, Disney +, ESPN +, HBO Max, Hulu + Live TV that you can use to have a movie night or binge your favorite TV shows! 


Sometimes, students miss the taste of home-cooked meals and freshly-baked cookies and brownies. All of our residence halls have at least one kitchen on each floor. Kitchens have a complete ventilation system, an oven, a microwave,  large sinks, dish soaps, and tables and chairs. Enhancements such as pots, pans, and cooking utensils are provided by RHA and are available for check out at your community front desk. Utilize it and make your residence life feel like home!

Music Rooms 

You may be a music major or minor, taking a Visual and Performing Arts (VP) class for general education, or simply talented in musical instruments. Our residence hall music rooms offer the unique opportunity for you to practice piano and complete your assignments while living on campus.  

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