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Reflective Verses: A Poetry Passion Project

July 10, 2024 |

By: Cierra Tadda

Student and Resident Advisor Celia Gibbs transformed her passion project into a reality last semester. As a creative writing major, Celia’s ambition was to see her work published more often. Following a one-on-one meeting with her Community Director, Victoria Goetzinger, who oversees Connor Community, Celia's project Reflective Verses came to life in ways she couldn’t have imagined.

What is Reflective Verses?

Reflective Verses is a student-led, student-empowered initiative that helps motivate students, faculty, and staff at Carolina to process their thoughts, emotions, and passions through the art of poetry. The most recent submission window closed at the end of spring semester 2024, and students and staff were encouraged to submit their poems following one of these three prompts:

For Celia, poetry is a way of letting deep emotions out. She wants other students to be able to express their thoughts, no matter how profound those feelings may be. “There’s just this almost indescribable quality about poetry where I just find it so easy to kind of let loose and get down to the emotional core of something.

We talk in my classes about the emotional truth. And it might not be reflective of the ‘quote unquote’ truth, but it's what you feel. And expressing that is important.”

Reflective Verses Submissions:

"Easy, soft, kind smiles
I see them every day
Compliments and praise
I hear it every day
A flood of peace when I step out the door
I feel it every day
Joy permeates my time Carolina
I experience it every day
A prayer of thanks for this time
I whisper it everyday"
- By Diya Patel

"Hinton James
I'm not sure who he is but I know it’s the brightest place on campus
10 floors
Over 1000 students
And an infinite amount of memories to be made"
-By Courtney Castillo

“From Old Well’s whispers to Franklin's roar, every moment a memory forevermore. Immersed in a community, diverse and bold, where aspirations soar like banners unfold. In the halls where friendships ignite, we journey together towards futures bright.

From laughter to learning, from dusk to dawn, this is the story of where we belong. Sipping from the well, a tradition so dear, a taste of hope dispelling all fear. And when victory calls, we flood the street.
In a sea of blue, our joy complete. As a storyteller of Carolina's tale, I witness the magic never stale. Welcome to Carolina." -By Matt Bertram

Celia and Victoria are dedicated to helping everyone in the campus community share their unique experience and stories in a profound and meaningful way. Together, they have created a place for voices to be heard, hearts to be touched, and people to be inspired.

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