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Reflective Verses: A Carolina Housing Poetry Project

March 8, 2024 |

By Sophia Raspanti

Calling all poets! Carolina Housing is launching a unique and imaginative campaign aimed at capturing the essence of our residents’ on-campus experiences and goals through the art of poetry. The project, titled “Reflective Verses”, aims to give students a platform upon which to express themselves through poetic reflections. Resident Advisor Celia Gibbs and Community Director Victoria Goetzinger hope that the project will continue to promote a sense of community amongst residents and staff on campus as well as highlight the diversity of experiences within Carolina Housing and celebrate unique student and staff perspectives.  The culmination of the project will be the publication of selected poems in ACPA Developments, an online publication that highlights voices within higher education.

Why Poetry?

Resident Advisor Celia Gibbs hopes that this project will continue to create and promote a sense of community amongst students and staff members on campus as well as create safe spaces to express complex emotions and experiences.

“There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer or words with poetry.”

What Should I Write About?

Reflective Verses invites residents and staff to reflect on residential learning goals, including support, diversity and inclusion, resilience, and more. Students are encouraged to reflect on the following prompts when creating their poetic works.

Prompt #1: How have you experienced inclusivity, safety, support, and/or quality on campus?

Prompt #2: Describe what you gained as a student throughout your time with Carolina Housing (friendships, skills, memories, etc.).

Prompt #3: What is your interpretation or reflection of any of these words: resilience, values, community, inclusion.


Looking for inspiration? Resident Advisors and Community Directors have created examples to help you get started!

Stepping into a new space
I’m nervous, trying to match every name and face
Everyone is warm and willing to share
Surrounded by an abundance of support, I now have love to spare
Wanting to build a home out of a building
I know it is possible if we are all willing
Willing to be open and try new things
Coming to different programs and seeing what each may bring
A feeling of acceptance and unity in every sense
While learning to practice inclusion and resilience
Thankful for my residents turned friends and my staff turned family
It is because of them that I know how to build a community

-RA Kailah

Easy, soft, kind smiles
I see them every day
Compliments and praise
I hear it every day
A flood of peace when I step out the door
I feel it every day
Joy permeates my time Carolina
I experience it every day
A prayer of thanks for this time
I whisper it everyday

- RA Diya

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