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Peyton Jones: My Sophomore Year Living in Morrison

September 30, 2022

Unleashing My Inner Creativity at Morrison

When I moved into Morrison at the start of my sophomore year, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

My dad, also a Tar Heel, stayed in Morrison all four years during his time at Carolina, so you can probably guess he was pretty excited when I told him I’d be staying there this year. Still, I didn’t really know what my Morrison experience would bring. Things aren’t the same at Carolina now as they were in the 90s, after all, something I’ve often had to tell my alumni parents. Would things be better? Worse? Would I really enjoy living here?

Something important to know about me is that I’m very much a creative person. I love to make new, unique, and meaningful things from nothing, whether that’s a spotless wall in need of decoration or a blank canvas waiting to be painted. So I’m happy to say that although I’ve only lived in Morrison for a few weeks, this residence hall has already given me plenty of opportunities to let my creative juices flow freely! What exactly do I mean by that? Take my living space as an example. My suitemates and I live in a super suite, something available exclusively in Morrison on the top few floors. In a super suite, one of the four bedrooms in a normal suite is removed to make space for a lounge area. From what I’ve heard, they’re pretty popular with sophomores, so I’m glad we were able to snag one! Decorating the living room with my suitemates was a blast—with all the extra space, we could really get creative with how we wanted the area to look. We picked a color theme (neon pinks and purples!) and ordered decorations like neon signs and colorful posters, and I’ll never forget how excited we all were whenever a package arrived! I love that we were able to work together to create our own space and make it feel like home.

I haven’t just been creative with my living space since I moved in. Morrison is also home to an Art Studio on the bottom floor, where residents can utilize painting and drawing supplies free of charge and create to their heart’s content! As someone who indulges in visual art as a hobby, my mind was absolutely blown when I found out about this amenity. I first visited during my freshman year, when my friends and I went together and had a group painting session. I went back another time to refine an art project for one of my classes - a self portrait!

I haven’t gotten to visit the Art Studio as much since this year began, but as the rigor of my classes continues to increase, I’ll definitely swing by there soon to relax and ease my mind by making something cool and colorful.

As a whole, I’m loving life in Morrison so far, and I really appreciate that this residence hall has done so much as far as allowing and encouraging me to express my creativity. To anyone reading this, I highly encourage you to take advantage of these creative opportunities should you choose to live in Morrison next year, as well as the many opportunities available around campus.

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