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My First Year On Campus

March 28, 2022

By Anyi Li, 2021-2022 Marketing Intern

My first year living on campus was Fall 2020 to Summer 2021. During that time, I lived in three residence halls, each unique in its style: Craige (four rooms per suite-style), Koury (two rooms per suite-style), and Lewis (corridor-style).  


As an out-of-state student, I was among the unfortunate few freshmen unable to visit the campus before starting college. I randomly selected Craige Residence Hall and didn’t expect much when I applied for housing, but the subsequent experience completely surprised me. The housing application asked me many questions, ranging from work and sleep schedules, living habits, extracurricular interests, and attitude towards COVID-19 preventions. Then, it paired me up with my roommate and three other suitemates. With our similar interests and habits, the five of us became friends two short weeks before my suitemates left for home due to COVID-19. We had smoothie nights and girls’ talks, and with similar caution toward COVID-19, we also bonded through our weekly hygiene day. 

After the school shut down Craige due to the Pandemic, my roommate Joy and I moved to Koury Residence Hall. Koury’s environment is absolutely fabulous, with white marble floors, spacious rooms, and clear lights. Joy (second right of the girls in both photos above and the first photo below) and I each occupied a room, and the private bathroom between our two rooms afforded us great privacy. Our time together has made us best friends. During the year, I also met two other friends because we are all freshmen who live on campus, Yanchen (second left  in the first photo below) and Wenfei (the girl in the red gown in the first photo below). And, our friendships grew consistently strong ever beyond our first year. For example, Yanchen and I surprised Wenfei with a birthday party for her 19th birthday, and Yanchen, Joy, and Wenfei dressed up for my 20th birthday. 

When summer started, I moved to Lewis Residence Hall. Though Joy returned home and I no longer have a private bathroom, Lewis’ location in the North campus makes it very convenient for me to shop and dine on Franklin Street. Walking to the newly- opened Moge Tee has become my daily activity to get a watermelon fruit tea. 

To the incoming class of 2026, I hope your first-year experience is even more delightful than mine! 

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