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Looking Back on my First Year

April 5, 2022

By: Anna Gedevani, 2021-2022 Marketing Intern

Looking back on my time at UNC, I get nostalgic reminiscing over memories from my first year living on-campus.  

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In the Fall of 2019, I moved into Ehringhaus  Residence Hall (most commonly referred to as Ehaus) , a First-Year Experience residence hall for freshman students. I quickly met my suitemates and created some lifelong friendships with the people I was living with. We met the rest of the people on our floor and attended Week of Welcome activities together. As I adjusted to an entirely new college experience, I was able to appreciate the convenience of living on-campus and loved being able to get anywhere I needed quickly.  

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I fondly remember going to RHA’s Silent Disco with some of my friends, and I even got a free t-shirt (one that I still wear to this day)! I met even more people from our building through going to Ehaus specific events, like an Ice-Cream Sundae Social spread out throughout the building, with different toppings on each floor.  

For a chill night in, my suitemates and I would often grab cookie dough from Rams Head Market, a quick 5 min walk from Ehaus. We would check out a baking sheet from the front desk and watch a show while we made cookies on our floor’s kitchen.  

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Some of my fondest memories from living on-campus include the simple things, like gathering the group to grab dinner at Chase Dining Hall together, scoping out the menu in advance and trying to figure out what we were most excited for, and those amazing cookies at Chase we grabbed without fail on our way out. Another favorite memory was catching the P2P on weekends at the stop in front of Ehaus and going out to the field hockey field to have fun in the unexpected February snow.  

Living on-campus provided me with a great sense of community and helped me to find my place at Carolina. With a wide variety of locations and residence styles, there is sure to be a perfect fit for anyone who wants to live on-campus. 

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