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Jada Boyer: My Sophomore Year Living in Morrison

September 30, 2022

My Pros & Cons of Living in Morrison Residence Hall

PROS of Living in Morrison

  • Most of my second-year friends and acquaintances all nearby
  • Hanging out in my friend’s super suite just a few floors up!
  • Morrison Art Studio on the 1st floor!
  • Chase, Subway, and Rams Head Gym all within a 5-minute walk
  • Close to Craige Deck (great for both parking and hanging out/ skating)
  • In-building laundry… and Package Center (where I work!)
  • Lots of places to study for any vibe– first floor lobby, group study lounges, and small group/ individual study rooms
  • Short walk to Kenan Football Stadium and the Dean Dome (basketball)
  • Basketball court on one side, amazing view of the water tower and Dean Dome on the other!
  • Suite-style– don’t have to walk down a long hall in your bath robe

CONS of Living in Morrison

  • Slightly far walk to north campus classes
  • Slow elevators (Carolina Housing Comment 😊  if they are not working properly, you can just submit a Fix My Room ticket !)
  • Smaller rooms and Super Suites have to clean their own bathroom (a small price to play for a huge living room!!)
  • Central air units are wack (Carolina Housing Comment 😊  AC troubles?  Once again, friendly reminder to submit a Fix My Room ticket and we’ll make sure to get to it right away!)
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