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Items to Bring That Are Not on the Move-In List

July 11, 2022

By Samantha Thompson, Summer 2022 Marketing Intern

Curtains or no curtains?  Broom or vacuum? Shopping for your room can be full of stressful decisions, and while the Carolina Housing website is an excellent resource for both the essential and approved items, you may still have some lingering questions. I know I did! That’s why I’ve put together this guide of my favorite and most useful purchases to make sure you pack efficiently as you prepare for the fFall.   


Cleaning supplies are essential. But, it wasn’t until certain messes happened that I realized I didn’t have the right  equipment to clean my room. I recommend purchasing larger cleaning supplies like handheld vacuums (great for small clean-ups or hard-to-reach places) before moving in, then visiting local stores to buy smaller items like disinfectant wipes and sprays once you arrive on campus.  I invested in a VacMop – it made cleaning the floor faster and easier. 

Additional Suggestions   

  • Broom (most residence hall floors aren’t carpeted)  
  • Trash Can/Bags (10 to 20 Gallon so you aren’t constantly taking out your trash)  
  • Air Freshener Sprays or Plug-Ins/ Fresh Scent Sachets   
  • Toilet Brush/ Plunger (required for students living in Koury, Horton, or other residence halls that do not receive housekeeping services)  
  • Paper Towels/ Toilet Paper (required for students living in Koury, Horton, or other residence halls that do not receive housekeeping services) 
  • Extra Masks
  • Hand Sanitizer   


With big items like bedding and refrigerators, you may forget the smaller items needed to set up your room. During move-in, I got all set up before noticing my desk lamp needed batteries to turn on.  And once I got the batteries, I had to figure out where to store them. Your room will have plenty of storage space, but things like ottomans, plastic storage drawers, or tiered carts ensure that everything has a place to go.   

Additional Suggestions: 

  • Command Strips and/or Hooks / Zip Ties (completely optional but may be convenient for decorating)  
  • Bed Shelf  
  • Reusable Plasticware/ Reusable Cups/ Water Bottles 
  • Dish Detergent /Sponges/ Dish Brushes  
  • Refrigerator Shelf (great place to keep your microwave, plates, cutlery, and more! It fits perfectly on top of your refrigerator to save space)  
  • Portable Speaker/ Extra Charges  
  • Wheeled Cart (for taking down trash or transporting groceries)  
  • Tote Bags  
  • Closet Organizer  
  • Rolling Laundry Basket (best if your laundry is in another building)  
  • Grabber Tool (for hard-to-reach places)  


Your room will be your home away from home, so you want to fill it with the things that will make you feel comfortable. These items are much more personal and vary from person to person. I brought my scrapbook and my favorite books to feel at home.   

Customizing my room with a cozy rug really helped transform my space and make it more personalized. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) provides carpet rentals in different sizes and colors for students to choose from. Touches like these not only made me feel comfortable but made my room really feel like my own.   

Additional Suggestions:  

  • Allergy Medicine, Cold & Flu Medication, Pepto Bismol/ Digestive Medications  
  • Extra Blankets/ Warm Pajamas (Bring these after a break if you decide to go home before it gets cold)  
  • Beach/ Picnic Towel (for sitting outside/ in the Quad)  
  • Headphones 
  • Rain Gear (umbrella, rain jacket, rain boots)  


Bring the things that will make you comfortable and make your residence hall feel like your sanctuary—because it should be! If you realize there’s something you still need once you arrive in the fall, you can order items to your campus address or even visit some local stores around campus.  

Remember, UNC is a welcoming community! If you need something, don’t be afraid to ask your roommates or neighbors and enhancements are always available at your residence hall’s front desk. This is another great resource that saves you from purchasing things like vacuums, pots & pans, and games. Happy packing, and we’ll see you in the fall!   

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