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Being an Intern with Carolina Housing Changed My Life: Here’s How

January 4, 2024

By Sophia Raspanti

College is a time to try new things. In my final semester as an undergraduate at Carolina, I began working for Carolina Housing as a marketing intern.

I never thought I would have the opportunity to work in marketing. As a biology major, I spent most of my college career studying in Davis library or working in research laboratories. In my free time, I enjoyed photography and graphic design, but I rarely thought of turning my hobbies into a career. Soon, however, the pieces began to fall into place, leading me on a path to begin a career I had previously only dreamed of.

In my senior year of college, I took over as Director of Marketing for UNC SafeWalk, a student-run organization that provides safe travel alternatives to UNC students at night. I had worked with UNC SafeWalk since my junior year, and I cared deeply about the program and its success. As Director of Marketing, I made it my mission to bring a greater awareness about the Safe Walk program to the UNC community through campus partnerships, which lead me to Carolina Housing. 

Back in my SafeWalk days...

One quiet afternoon after a long e-mail correspondence, I met with the marketing team at Carolina Housing to discuss a campus partnership with UNC SafeWalk. I prepared a presentation with SafeWalk’s social media analytics and the goal for our potential future partnership. After a fruitful conversation with the Carolina Housing marketing team, a plan for our social media collaboration was set into motion and I was given one final task: completing an application for a Carolina Housing marketing internship.

In that moment, I realized that new doors had opened and I had an opportunity to explore a career field that had previously seemed unreachable: I knew I had to apply. Shortly after submitting my application, I met with the marketing team for an interview and was selected as a marketing intern for the spring semester.

Throughout my time as a marketing intern, I made some of my best memories of Carolina. I learned many new skills, including videography, photography editing, graphic design, and more. When I graduated in May, I was grateful for the experiences I gained through the internship and was even offered a position at Carolina Housing, and that’s where I am to this day!

If you’re thinking about applying to be a marketing intern with Carolina Housing, here’s some of the reasons this internship is an amazing opportunity!

  • You will gain valuable experience in the marketing field. 

I majored in biology, which meant that my experience in the marketing industry was pretty much nonexistent. Therefore, the opportunity to work in the marketing field as a intern was incredibly valuable. Working as a marketing intern with Carolina Housing was a great way for me to “get my foot in the door” with regards to getting involved in a field of work so different from my college major.

Working as an intern with Carolina Housing will provide you with valuable experience in the marketing field. You will work with professional marketing staff and learn the skills of the trade: from photography, videography, graphic design, writing, and more… you’ll experience a little bit of it all!

Marketing Intern Squad all dressed up for the Carolina Housing end of year celebration!
  • You will learn a wide range of valuable skills in the industry.

Prior to my internship with Carolina Housing, I had not received formal training in many areas including photography, videography, and graphic design. While I pursued these interests in my own free time, working as an intern was an amazing opportunity for me to receive valuable training and mentorship in these new skill areas.

As an intern with Carolina Housing, you will work on a variety of projects that will challenge you to learn new skills. However, there’s no reason to be nervous: the team at Carolina Housing wants to see you succeed and will help you learn the skills necessary to create your best work.

  • You will grow your professional network.

As an intern, I worked with the professional staff at Carolina Housing as well as other leaders on campus. Taking this internship is a great way to grow your professional network, which is extremely important when it comes to starting your career.

  • You will become more involved with the UNC Campus Community!

As an intern for Carolina Housing, your mission is to promote all things on campus! From summer orientation to Carolina Cupboard, Carolina Housing does it all. As an intern, you will be provided with opportunities to work with campus partners, which will increase your knowledge and connections to the UNC Community.

In my time as an intern, I worked on a project with UNC Edible Campus, an organization that creates edible satellite gardens throughout campus. Through my project, I met many new faces and made a few new friends!

  • You will receive amazing mentorship.

My favorite part about being an intern with Carolina Housing was the open-door policy the professional marketing team had for the interns. We were encouraged to come into the office and ask questions not only about our projects but also our careers. This was especially important for me because of my lack of experience and knowledge in the marketing field. Through multiple conversations with my mentors, I was able to realize my potential in marketing, build a portfolio, and explore career options that I previously knew nothing about.

Enjoying time with the amazing team of marketing interns.
  • You will secure great recommendations.

Internships are a great way to network with professionals and establish yourself in your chosen career field. Often, internships may translate into a future position with a company or recommendations and references for another position. As an intern with Carolina Housing, you will have the opportunity to foster professional relationships with Carolina Housing staff, which may translate to amazing references and recommendations for your future career!

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