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Anna Vu: My Sophomore Year Living in Morrison

September 30, 2022

Morrison is definitely the best place to live as a sophomore on South Campus. The location is not too far from my classes on North Campus (a 10-minute walk) and really close to the university resources I like to utilize, like the Learning and Writing Center. It's also really close to the Rams Head gym and Chase dining hall. I also like how Morrison has its own art studio. All of the supplies are free to use, and I love spending my time in the art studio painting decorations for my room or de-stressing from classes. I also like how aesthetically pleasing Morrison is, from its origami crane structure stretching from the second floor to the floor-painted mural on the basketball court. From the seventh floor of Morrison, I can basically see the entire campus, from the tip of Davis's eight floor to the inside of the Kenan football stadium. All of these wonderful little facets of Morrison tie together to make me feel comfortable living here and to treat it as my second home away from home.

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