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Carolina Housing

An Overview of Programming and Residential Education

By: Jordan Jackson, with Matt Bertram

Hello, my name is Jordan Jackson, and I am the Assistant Director for Community Engagement at Carolina Housing. My role involves overseeing programming and engagement initiatives in our residence halls, ensuring that all students have ample opportunities to connect, engage, and thrive within our community.

Engage with Your Community

As you arrive on campus, your first opportunity to interact with your community and your Resident Advisor (RA) will be at your initial floor meeting. These meetings are scheduled right after move-in, where you’ll learn about life in the residence halls, the resources available to you, and the support your RA can provide.

Following these initial meetings, there will be various programming events every month in your residence halls. These events, organized by your RAs and community directors, are designed to help you meet other students, take a break from your studies, and have some fun. These programs are a great way to build connections and create a supportive network within your living environment.

Roommate Agreements

For many students, living with a new roommate can be a significant transition. To facilitate this, we have a structured roommate agreement process. This process guides you and your roommate through discussions about living together, understanding each other’s needs, and compromising to create a harmonious living space. The agreement includes both individual reflection and joint meetings with your RA to ensure a smooth and respectful cohabitation experience.

Tar Heel Talks

Throughout the year, you will have opportunities for one-on-one Tar Heel Talks with your RA. These sessions are designed to address any challenges you might face and provide you with the necessary support to navigate student life effectively. Your RA and community directors will keep you informed about these and other engagement opportunities, so keep an eye out for their communications.

A Warm Welcome

Whether this is your first time living with us or you are returning to Carolina Housing, I want to welcome you back home. We are excited to have you here and are dedicated to being a resource for you throughout your journey. We hope you take full advantage of the programs and opportunities we offer to enhance your campus experience.

Welcome back, and we look forward to making this year a memorable one for you!

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