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6 Helpful Tips for Moving Out of Your Residence Hall

April 27, 2022

As the semester comes to an end, there is a lot of stress to do well on your final exams and finish the semester out strong. However, you also have to start preparing to move out of your residence halls. This can be a very stressful and time consuming process that you may put off until after your exams. Fortunately, I have moved out of residence hall’s multiple times and I have some helpful tips for moving out. 

1. Take Things Home Early  

One great way to make move-out easier is to take some items home on weekends if you can. If you haven’t taken winter clothes, now would be a great time to do that because the weather is getting warmer. Additionally, if you just have boxes of miscellaneous items, such as clothes, bedding, books, etc., you can take those home too before move out. Taking this stuff home will mean it's easier to pack when it is time to move out, along with helping to fit everything in one car, and make it easier for cleaning your room to move out. 

2. Figure Out How You Want to Check Out 

When moving out, you will have to return your keys and there is the possibility you may want someone to check behind you and make sure your room looks good. Luckily, Carolina Housing has two different options for you to choose from when moving out. The first option is In-Person Checkout which will mean a staff member will come check your room and take your key. This may be useful if you are scared you will forget to do something and can relieve some anxiety around moving out. In-Person checkout is offered Thursday, April 28 – Friday, May 6 from 9am to 8pm and Saturday, May 7 from 9am to 12pm. The second option is Express Checkout. If it comes time to move out and you have done everything and want to move out fast, this option is for you. All you need to do is grab your keys and put them in an envelope which will be provided at your community office. Then you just have to sign the envelope and put it in the correct box. Both of these are great options and you just have to choose which one works better for you. 

3. Clean Out Your Stuff Before Move Out 

One big factor in moving out is cleaning everything. Your room must be cleaned before you leave. However, some people forget to clean out some things. Make sure you remember to clean out all desks, dressers, closets, and other cabinets. Some other common things people may forget to clean out can be things like a mini-fridge ( if they are rentals), bathrooms, overhead storage cabinets, or a common area in your suite. It is crucial that you clean everything out of you could get a $75 improper check out fee. 

4. Pack Everything You Don't Need Before Finals 

The stress of finals can be overwhelming to some people and that may make them push off packing and preparing for move out. Pushing that off could provide much more stress when  you finally do get past your finals. One great way to avoid all that stress is to pack up what you don't need before finals start. This would mean that you have less to pack after finals and you can recover from them without losing your mind trying to move out. 

5. Follow the Sheet Provided 

Finally, use the sheet your RA will provide you to help yourself when moving out. No one wants to get the $75 Improper check out fee and Carolina Housing provides this list to make sure you don't. My best advice is to split this up between you and your roommate. Splitting it up will make the sheet feel shorter and allow some stress to be off your back! 

Image of the Prior to checking out of your room sheet placed on your door.

6. Change Your Address Before Moving Off Campus 

Once you move off campus, any mail you send to your old address cannot be processed. It is important to change your mailing address on all your accounts so you can receive the items you have shipped to you. This includes shopping sites, bank statements, and tell any family members about your address change. Visit our Mail Forwarding website for more details!

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