There are 32 residence halls on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill, divided into 14 residential communities. A residential community may contain one or several buildings and has a dedicated staff including a Community Director, Community Manager, Resident Advisors and Office Assistants.  Visit interactive map and details at https://maps.unc.edu/buildings/residence-halls/

There are several options for students who wish to enjoy the ultimate convenience of living on campus while having apartment amenities such as a kitchen and living room. Read more to take a look at Baity Hill, Mason Farm and Ram Village.

Although semester rates are published, housing contracts represent a financial obligation for the entire academic year. Substantial financial penalties are assessed when applications are canceled after April 1 and when contracts are canceled after the residence halls officially open.

Visit our Housing Contract page for cancelation policies.

This section offers a look at the most common room styles UNC Housing offers with photos and a brief explanation of what is in the room when you move in.