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Carolina Housing

By: Anyi Li - Marketing Intern 2021-2022

I have often heard from my parents that my college roommates would be my best friends for life. Last year, as a freshman, I applied to on-campus housing after being admitted as a Tar Heel. The housing application asked questions to help me find a roommate, such as: 

Then, I was assigned with my first roommate during the summer semester. Through the Housing portal’s convenient messaging system, we could connect soon after the room assignment. We shared many similar interests, but we had different takes on how strict social distancing in respect to our space and guests. Our conversation led to our mutual understanding that we may not have been the best roommates.  

 Thus, we decided to apply for a room reassignment prior to move-in. During the process, I expressed my unique concern with my roommate’s stance on social distancing. Carolina Housing considered my concern and reassigned me to a new residence hall, where I met four other freshmen girls who share the same view on social distancing. Not only that, but we also shared a passion for music, literature, and making fruit smoothies. We soon became best friends. 

At the beginning of 2020 the pandemic started to effect UNC, and the five of us decided to thoroughly clean our suite together using cleaning alcohol and wipes. As someone who hates chores, I never imagined I could laugh so hard and enjoy so much while cleaning. Each of us would have silly but hilarious moments during the cleaning process that made the time fly. Even chores became fun. To commemorate our achievement, we took a picture of us fanning away the smell of cleaner afterward.  

During the Spring 2021 housing selection, due to uncertainties with COVID-19, we didn’t apply for housing at the same time. Thus, we currently live in different residence halls this year. However, next year, we plan on living together again. As returning residents, we will apply during the priority housing selection period from Monday, October 11, to Monday, November 8. This time, we will be able to select where we want to live, together as a group!

To see details on the Housing Selection Process, please see: 

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