Transfer Student FAQ

Transfer Student FAQ

These frequently asked questions should help you understand more about living on campus. If you have a question not addressed here or in the "Steps to Apply" above, please reach out to us at or 919-962-5401.

Do I Have to Live on Campus?

Transfer students are not required to live on campus. That said, living on campus has many benefits that transfer students will find valuable when beginning their Carolina experience.

Can I Live by Myself as a Transfer Student?

Yes, potentially. While we cannot guarantee where you'll be assigned, we do offer private bedrooms in Ram Village apartments for transfer students, so be sure to rank that highest when selecting your housing building style preferences.

I’m Thinking About Living at Granville – What’s the Difference?

Although Granville Towers is considered a partner to UNC Housing, Granville Towers is managed by a private entity, and contracts are issued independently of Carolina Housing. It’s important to note that contracts are not transferable between UNC Housing and Granville Towers. Visit the Granville Towers website at for more information.

Can I Request a Roommate When I Apply?

Sure! You may request a roommate when you apply online for housing. It is important that both students list each other on their applications.

What if I Don’t Have a Roommate?

  • If you don't have a roommate in mind, don't worry! The Assignments Team will work to place you with another upper class student in a similar situation. 
  • You can also use the Housing Portal to search through potential roommates based on their living and study habits, and exchange email communication through the portal.

How Do I Cancel My Housing Contract After I Apply?

Visit our Housing Contract page and reference the "New Students: Cancellation Policies" section for information on cancellation. 

First-year and transfer students who cancel after submitting an application are charged a $300 penalty up until July 31. After July 31, the cancellation penalty is 50% of the total contract value (full academic year).  We do not charge students a cancellation penalty if they do not attend Carolina.

When and How Does Move-in Work?

Dates for move-in change from year to year. Students attending the last Transfer Student Orientation session can arrive at 9:00 a.m. on the day before orientation to move in.  Otherwise, students assigned to southern campus residence halls can move in either Friday or Saturday of opening weekend, according to their room number.  Arrival times are staggered by last name.  Students assigned to northern campus residence halls can move in on Saturday of opening weekend. Students assigned to Ram Village can move in any time beginning Wednesday prior to opening weekend. This website will post move-in dates prominently when they are available.

Do I Have to Leave During Breaks?

Residence halls only close over the Winter and Summer Breaks. Ram Village apartments remain open over the Winter Break as well and allows students to extend their lease over the summer for an additional fee. Visit our page Break Housing for more information.

How Much Does Housing Cost? How Do I Pay?

Visit our Rates page for up-to-date information on Housing rates. 

The Office of University Accounts will bill in mid-July for tuition and housing, as well as any other charges associated with the University, and payments will be due through your student account. You will not make a payment directly to the Housing office.

When Can I Apply to be an RA?

Students can become an RA after completing one semester on campus. The application process begins at the end of the fall semester.

Can I Change Rooms if I Have Difference With My Roommate?

We value the comfort and safety of our residents. If there is no amicable way you can deal with differences with a roommate/roommates or if there is another valid issue with your room assignment, you can request a room change. Beginning after the second week of fall semester and continuing throughout the academic year, students can request a move through their community office. You may also submit a Housing Reassignment Request.

***Requesting a room change does not guarantee a room change.***

What's My Living Space Going to be Like?

Visit the Your Living Space section of this website to get details on what you can and can not bring, what's in the room and what to do when you leave at the end of the semester.