Steps to Apply

Steps to Apply

With the basics covered, now follow these steps to apply for on-campus housing at UNC!

Step 1: Collect the Necessary Application Materials

  • You may apply for housing starting February 2 if you have been admitted to UNC.
  • You must pay your enrollment deposit to the University before you can apply for campus housing. If you are having trouble accessing the application, this is the reason why.
  • You will need your ONYEN to access the housing application at the Housing Portal (
    (ONYEN Services page)

Step 2: Decide Whether a Residential Learning Program is the Right Choice for You

  • Would you like to enrich your Carolina experience by living in a community with other students who share your interests and are eager to make new friends? Housing offers several Residential Learning Programs (RLPs) suitable for first-year students centered around topics as varied as sustainability, healthy lifestyles, language, cultural diversity, gender studies, and community service.
  • To submit an application to live in a Residential Learning Program, look for the "RLP/SIH" tab across the top of the page at the Housing Portal (

Step 3: Submit Your Application by May 15

  • The Housing Application is available at the Housing Portal ( NOTE: If you have not yet paid your enrollment deposit, the application will not appear.
  • The application to live in a Residential Learning Program will be available to you on the Housing Portal after you successfully submit a regular housing application.
  • Housing is not first come, first served. All applications received before May 15 will be processed with equal priority.
  • There is no deposit required to apply for Housing.
  • The housing application becomes the Housing Contract upon submission, and cancellation policies are effective immediately.
  • If you are under the age of 18 at the time you submit the housing contract, you must complete the Parent/Guardian Signature Page. See the Housing Contract page for this document.
  • If you have chronic or severe medical condition that should influence your housing assignment, note that on the application, and follow the instructions on the Chronic or Severe Medical Condition Accommodations Request page for additional steps.
  • If you miss the May 15 deadline, you may still apply for housing, but your application will be processed after those who met the deadline.

Step 4: Get Your Housing Assignment (June-July)

  • Check online for your housing assignment and roommate(s) at the Housing Portal (
  • You should receive a Move-in Guide prior to your move-in date that details the day and time you can check in. If you do not receive this brochure, it is available for download in Related Files sections at the bottom of this page.

Step 5: Move on Campus! (August)

  • Arrive on campus according to the date/time issued in the Move-in Guide. (Move-in dates/times are issued as a guideline to help spread out the move-in traffic as best possible. If you cannot make the time issued in your mailing, you will not need special permission to move in at another time.)
  • Check in at the Community Office that serves the residence hall where you have been assigned to pick up your key.