Housing Selection/Application FAQ

Housing Selection/Application FAQ

How Are Assignments Made for First-Year Students?

All of the applications that are received by May 15 are assigned a random lottery number. The lottery number determines the order in which the system will process the 3,000+ applications on file. To make your housing assignment, the system identifies your preferences and seeks vacant rooms starting with your first choice and progressing down the list. If nothing is available in any of the locations you preferenced, a random housing assignment is made.

I'm Thinking About Living at Granville Towers - What's the Difference?

Although Granville Towers is considered a partner to Carolina Housing, Granville Towers is managed by a private entity, and contracts are issued independently of Carolina Housing. It’s important to note that contracts are not transferable between Carolina Housing and Granville Towers. You can access the Granville Towers website at http://www.granvilletowers.com/.

Will I Get a Better Assignment if I Submit My Application Early?

No. Because applications are randomly ordered before assignments are made, all students who submit an application by May 15 will receive equal chance of getting assigned to one of their preferences.

Can I Get a Single Room as a First-year Student?

Yes. Single rooms are very sparse on the UNC campus, so it is very difficult to get assigned to one. If you have a severe medical condition that requires you live alone, please submit a Chronic or Severe Medical Conditions Special Accommodation Request Form.

Can I Live in an On-campus Apartment My First Year?

No. Apartment communities are not available to first-year students. This option will be available beginning your sophomore year.

Why Didn't I Get Assigned to One of the Communities I Preferenced on My Housing Application?

The preferences you list on your Housing Application are guidelines that our automated program looks at while making your room assignment. As our system processes the applications in lottery-number order, we can't guarantee you'll be assigned to any of your preferences if space is not available at the time your application is processed.

What Happens if I Cancel My Housing Application?

First-year students who cancel after submitting an application are charged a $300 penalty up until opening or taking possession of the room key, whichever occurs first. After opening or receipt of room key, the cancellation penalty is 50% of the contract. We do not charge a cancelation penalty if you do not attend Carolina. Please go to the Housing Contract page and refer to the "New Students: Cancellation Policies" section for more details.

Can I Request a Roommate?

Sure! You may request a roommate when you apply online for housing. It is important that both students list each other on their applications.

What If I Don't Have a Roommate?

If you don’t have a roommate in mind, don’t worry! We will place you with another first-year student who is also going “potluck” – it’s quite common.

You can also use roommate searching tool within the Housing Portal (myhousing.unc.edu) to search through potential roommates based on their living and study habits and exchange email communication through the portal.