Old Well in Fall



DISCOVER [sopho] MORE is a residential SYE program that will focus on aiding a student’s development in the realms of academic commitment, career exploration, personal enrichment and social responsibility. The program is designed to meet these goals by focusing on small and large scale programs that expose students to resources on-campus. The program will be launched in fall 2016 and will be housed in our north and mid-campus residence halls as well as in our apartment community. These communities include: Carmichael, Cobb, Connor, Granville, Kenan, Morrison, Olde Campus Lower Quad, Olde Campus Upper Quad, Parker and Ram Village.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill defines a student as a sophomore when they carry between 30-59 credits. Additionally, by the end of student’s sophomore year, a major must be declared through Academic Advising. Because students enter Carolina with an array of credit hours, a student may hold sophomore status while in their first year on-campus. For simplicity’s sake, the residential SYE program will focus on students who have completed the first-year residency requirement. While the program will cater to sophomore students; juniors, seniors, transfer students, international students, and non-traditional students residing on-campus will find benefit in the program offerings.

In November of 2015, the Department of Housing and Residential Education administered a survey to our on campus population to gauge satisfaction of their residential experience.  Overall, there were 2,554 respondents who shared valuable information that has supported the creation of new programs and shifts in policy. While the results of the survey revealed many critical points, an important area of focus was on reported grade point averages (GPA). On average, sophomore students living on campus have a higher GPA (3.28) compared to those sophomores who live off campus (3.14). This data was pulled from StarRez in the fall of 2015.

Another interesting finding was that 69.6% of students reported a desire to participate in programming geared toward enhancing the experience of sophomores. In addition, the survey results showed that almost 70% of our sophomore students reported regular attendance at programs. Capitalizing on GPA, regular attendance at programming, and the student’s desire for more programming geared towards sophomores provides support for the development of a residential SYE program.

RAs will host programming in our residence halls as well as encourage students to participate in programs across the campus.

Here are some signature events sponsored by DISCOVER [sopho]MORE as well as our campus partners:

  • Kickoff Event
  • Meet the Greeks
  • Greek Alliance Council Showcase
  • Safe Zone
  • Mindful Yoga
  • Recycling 101
  • Long Night Against Procrastination

Download the latest DISCOVER [sopho]MORE events calendar below!