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WELL: Women Experiencing Learning & Leadership

WELL: Women Experiencing Learning & Leadership

W.E.L.L. aims to provide a connected living experience in which residents foster strong interpersonal relationships, a proud investment in community, shared strength and appreciation of their gender-expression, and a commitment to both intellectual engagement and their individual contribution to the world.  The following three pillars guide and inspire the members of the W.E.L.L. community: Leadership, Learning, and Community Engagement.

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Brief Overview:

Through active participation in the WELL Community, members will: 

  • Engage in interpersonal relationships with fellow WELL members fostering community, respect, and sensitivity toward individual and collective differences.
  • Increase the exploration, formation, and personal display of their own gender expression and identity
  • Be challenged to appraise and appreciate the gender expression of their fellow community members.
  • Practice civic engagement, leadership involvement, and demonstrate a personal commitment to make a contribution to our campus and the greater Chapel Hill community.
  • Contribute to the academic and intellectual community through sharing, discussing, and exploring personal experiences, academic coursework, and aspirations. 

Community Structure / Leadership and Involvement Opportunities:

The three pillars of Leadership, Learning, and Community Engagement will guide all programming events and activities.  Below are the minimum expectations for involvement within the WELL community:

  • Leadership
    • Attend both fall and spring WELL Retreats
    • Attend all weekly Community Meetings. Community Meetings will mostly be held on Monday evenings from 5:00 to 6:00pm
  • Learning
    • Complete and pass one 3-credit Women’s Study (WMST) course per academic year in WELL.
    • Attend at least one training session per semester. Opportunities may include the following: Safe Zone, HAVEN, One Act, CLD Workshops, Career Prep Workshops, etc.         
  • Community Engagement
    • Complete at least 4 hours of Community Service per semester.

Admission Criteria:

The WELL Community is open to any UNC student. Those interested must apply for consideration.

Why you should consider the Women Experiencing Learning and Leadership Residential Learning Program:

WELL is an active community in McIver residence hall, which is located on the beautiful and historic north campus across from the Coker Arboretum. Original hardwood floors, a baby-grand piano, and an elegant parlor create an extraordinary environment to live, learn, and lead within the greater Tar Heel community.

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