WELL: Women Engaged in Learning & Leadership

WELL: Women Engaged in Learning & Leadership

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Mission Statement

WELL aims to provide a connected living experience in which residents foster strong interpersonal relationships, a proud investment in community, shared strength and appreciation of their gender-expression, and a commitment to both intellectual engagement and their individual contribution to the world. The following three pillars guide and inspire the members of the WELL community: Leadership, Learning, and Community Engagement.

Vision Statement 

WELL aspires to create a safe and inclusive environment where leaders can develop a more diverse perspective by sharing personal knowledge and experiences with their peers in order to cultivate and apply the necessary skills for success in advocating and educating others on issues of gender equity.

Learning Outcomes 

Through active participation in the WELL Community, members will:

  • Engage in interpersonal relationships with fellow WELL members fostering community, respect, and sensitivity toward individual and collective differences.
  • Increase the exploration, formation, and personal display of their own gender expression and identity.
  • Be challenged to appraise and appreciate the gender expression of their fellow community members.
  • Practice civic engagement, leadership involvement, and demonstrate a personal commitment to contributing to our campus and the greater Chapel Hill community.
  • Contribute to the academic and intellectual community through sharing, discussing, and exploring personal experiences, academic coursework, and aspirations.

Admission Criteria

The WELL RLP Community is open to all UNC students regardless of sex or gender identity. Those interested must apply through UNC Housing for consideration.

Why you should consider the Women Engaged in Learning and Leadership Residential Learning Program

The WELL RLP promotes the exploration of topics of interest surrounding women and gender through regular discussion groups chosen by residents. The living-learning community serves as a supportive and inclusive environment where residents can celebrate their gender identity and cultivate personal growth. Community immersion through volunteer opportunities, active programming, and group outings also creates a “home-away-from-home” atmosphere for residents.

Kenan Community has the best location on campus for on-campus living given its proximity to main campus, Franklin Street, and the Coker Arboretum. Additionally, McIver Residence Hall has a baby-grand piano, rocking chairs on the front porch, two kitchens, and study lounges for long nights of exam prep. Overall, the location and facilities of the WELL RLP provide the optimal Carolina Experience for any student.

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